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    Thoughts on and questions about V2R from the Subaru guy

    We had a great time at the Vegas to Reno. It was good to meet dan200, 450girl, and tons of other people. Thanks to everyone in contingency or staging who laughed at us, with us, gave us thumbs up or high fives, it made the trip worth it. We built a super buggy twelve years ago that we've...
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    Vegas to Reno photographers?

    Please post or PM me if you will be taking photos/videos at the Vegas to Reno. I'd like to make sure we get some good shots of our car in action. Thanks.
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    TORC Charlotte super buggy $10,000 purse

    This is reworded from an e-mail Jason @ USAC sent me today: If someone wants to come that has something out of spec with 2012 TORC rules we can deal with them on an individual basis. We won't require all teams and drivers to join or buy radios We'll work with each team on helmet and safety...
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    Frana super buggy 2011 video highlights

    HD video highlights from last year's TORC, MAORA, and TREC races on Youtube:
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    automatic video footage

    Has anyone ever put up game or trail cameras at a desert race to capture the action without having hours of footage to look through? They're cheap but one...
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    MAORA fall classic

    If you haven't had your fill of offroad racing in the midwest this year, please come to the MAORA fall classic October 8 & 9. It's always their biggest race of the year and a great time. On Saturday there will be three rounds of shortcourse racing and the entry fee is only $65 for the pro...
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    Frana HD onboard video 2010

    HD video clips from last year's TORC and MAORA races on YouTube: 2010 Frana Group Super Buggy HD onboard
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    TREC race at Badlands HD onboard video

    We ran our shortcourse buggy in the first two TREC races at the Badlands off road park and had a blast. Definitely the closest you'll get to desert racing in the Midwest. Here are some HD video clips from the first weekend:
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    Frana four wheel drive super buggy videos

    We have some videos from 2010 on YouTube now: 2010 Frana Group Four Wheel Drive Super Buggy TORC Series or
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    hello my name is pontoontodd

    i'm john with frana vehicles. i race a supper buggy in WSORR and MAORA. i also make custom/high strength transmission parts.