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  1. BitD1084

    On Topic shock oils????

    What is a good substitute for the high priced shock oils from the manufacturers? I would like to be replacing the oil in my shocks every race, but we are on a tight budget.
  2. BitD1084


    Is a list available of photographers at the races?
  3. BitD1084


    Is there not a better system? They knew there were going to be 330 cars, trucks and UTV’s and did not bring enough trackers, really??? That just opens the door for cheating and other shenanigans. And first and foremost, it’s a safety issue. Or am I just way off track here?
  4. BitD1084

    Hello, my name is Jasen

    Hello from sunny Colorado. I am an active duty military member, I race a class 1000 car in the BitD Series. I got started in off road racing in the late 80's. I was a "Checker" in the 80's before I enlisted in the Army. My co driver is also active duty. If you have any questions, please ask.