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  1. jrtorres

    Best Clutch?

    What clutch brands have you guys had good experiences with? long story short, i am putting a new motor in my 3.4l tacoma 4x4..mostly stock stuff and i need a new clutch. So with the 4x4 being a clutch eater and adding a little more power who makes a good upgrade? Every time i think i have made...
  2. jrtorres

    Better than scotch brite

    Ok my boss left the superlite outside all night right after if got washed and today i spent ALL day scrubbing the thing down with wd-40 and scotch fingers are numb and i probably inhaled a gallon of there a better way to get rid of this surface rust...beside not leaving it...
  3. jrtorres

    4wd Tacoma CV Issue

    Ok, have a lifted 4x4 6lug tacoma with automatic hubs, and as everyone knows when you lift the front end of a taco you put the CV's at a nasty angle and i'm tired of replacing them. What i'm asking is if there is some way i can just pull the axles and somehow just cap them off or find some way...
  4. jrtorres

    TRD supercharger

    so i have a chance at a trd superchager for my 99 5vzfe tacoma 4x4 for really cheap. Its just been rebuilt by a trd specialist....anybody have any input. Oh, if i did install it i would put in the 7th injector. just wondering if anyone had any positives or horror stories lol
  5. jrtorres

    Snowboarding season

    went to Mt. High for the first time this season. just curious to see if there's any other Mt.High goers on RDC. Slopes were not bad considering there was no real snow.
  6. jrtorres

    Anyone else going to this meeting?

    Is there anyone else going to the victorville location?
  7. jrtorres


    If your bored .....write the word Kittah and draw a cat on Microsoft paint...WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED.
  8. jrtorres

    Dorm stories

    Ok i'm back in the dorms for my sophomore year...i know the off-road community can be college challenged at times but does anyone have any funny college stories? I have quite a few but i'm still here so i don't want to own up quite yet. :D
  9. jrtorres

    Hey! I a fleshlight

    ...the whole thing....
  10. jrtorres


    Hey i finally got the stickers that i had made. They cost me about 35cents each to make so if you want some pm me and they will be cheap.
  11. jrtorres

    What is "blanchard" grinding?

    I ask because a friend is building a motor and he want so sand the heads perfectly level at the surface where the gasket is. I don't know how to spell it or what it is just had someone tell me that that is how i can get a say 12x4x1 piece of steel perfectly flat. WHAT IS IT?
  12. jrtorres

    Driving Skills?

    My question is; is there some book or article that describes how to drive off-road? I wonder because a friend and i have been arguing lately about my tendency to gas through certain terrain because my front end is too soft and it seems that by lifting some weight off the front it would not only...
  13. jrtorres

    Good or Bad?

    The other day i was riding in my friends truck as we got off the freeway exit and saw a homeless man (aka. Residentialy Challenged or "urban wanderer" haha ) standing at the corner..when we got closer he rolled up the window and was like dude dont' look at him he'll come over here begging for...
  14. jrtorres

    Phelps won eight!

    PHELPS WON EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! .....sorry just thought i would announce that.
  15. jrtorres

    Baja Bug Project

    I need help! This Sunday i am getting a mostly stock bug. My goal is over the summer to turn it into almost a class 5. I am on a very small budget and just want to go have fun in johnson valley and i don't know where to start. So my question is...WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST?
  16. jrtorres

    I need larger than stock torsions bars to fit an 88 toyota p.u.!

    I have an 88 toyota pickup with a winch, large bumper, and 33x10.50's on the front...and still have the stock torsion bars.....does anyone have a new or used set?
  17. jrtorres

    Just how horrible are skyjacker leaf springs?

    I know this forum is for serious off road people and i am one of them but i am getting tired of my tacoma breaking $600 deaver, downey, and alcan leaf springs and having to replace ordered a $400 set of skyjacker softrides that come with a lifetime warranty and i wanted to see...
  18. jrtorres

    Atlus leaf springs: yea or nay?

    I have a tacoma that is constantly breaking leaf springs on the drivers side. tacomas are notorious for doing this because the gas tank sits on the driver side. Alcan will custom make springs with a stiffer spring rate on the drivers side but this comes with a much higher cost. Basically what...
  19. jrtorres

    Hello my name is John

    Just wanted to have access to all the feautures of race dezert!