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  1. Bajabro1

    My San Felipe 250 5/1600 Race Experience with Herrera Prepwerks

    The 5/1600 Class is not dead. Let me repeat that again... The 5/1600 Class is not dead... I just had the most epic weekend at the San Felipe 250. For the second year in a row, I got to co-drive the most brutal San Felipe terrain, but this time in a 5/1600 Baja Bug with the Herrera...
  2. Bajabro1

    Baja Pits or Locos Mocos Maps?

    Does anyone know where Baja Pits and Locos Mocos will be stationed at this year's Baja Mil? I'm curious to know because I would like to attend one of their pit locations. I haven't been to one since the 2008 Baja Mil, which I had the honor of volunteering for.
  3. Bajabro1

    Land Shark Rebuild Thread

    I'm amazed to find no info or updates from Terrible Herbst Motorsports on rebuilding the Land Shark "El Tiburon" since the fire accident at the NORRA 1000. I think this would be an amazing marketing opportunity for everyone at Terrible Herbst Motorsports to start a thread here on Race-Dezert on...
  4. Bajabro1

    Predictions For The Baja 500

    Here are my predictions for the Baja 500: 1st (Overall): Andy McMillin 2nd: B.J. Baldwin 3rd: Gustavo Vildosola 4th: Luke McMillin 5th: Apdaly Lopez 6th: Dan McMillin 7th: Robby Gordon 8th: Cameron Steele Looking forward to everyone's picks for the 500.
  5. Bajabro1

    Just Announced: Toyota Signs B.J. Baldwin!

    An incredible announcement in the world of desert racing was just announced!!! BJ signs with Toyota!!! The Toyota winning days are coming back!!! Here's the link to the article: Toyota Signs Legendary Racer B.J. Baldwin
  6. Bajabro1

    I've Never Attended a San Felipe Contingency, Until Now!

    Everyone, This will be my first showing at a Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 contingency inspection. I've never witnessed a contingency inspection, even though, I've been to several SCORE races. I'm expecting a large crowd of crazy drunken desert racing fans swarmed around multimillion dollar...
  7. Bajabro1

    Post Your Best Baja 1000 Memories

    Race-Dezert Community, Post your best memory at any Baja 1000 you've attended. It be nice to read some of your stories to keep me pumped for this years Mil. Here's My Baja 1000 Story Last year, school was stressing me out with exams and homework. I was so excited for the Baja 1000 that...
  8. Bajabro1

    Any Locos Mocos pitting the Baja 500?

    Race-Dezert enthusiasts, Where are all the Locos Mocos this year for the Baja 500? It be cool if some you can give me the coordinates and RM checkpoints pits for the race. I have a crew of six who want to help out free of charge with pitting duties. Let me know if the LM are leaving...
  9. Bajabro1

    Help Me With My San Felipe To-Do-List

    Race-Dezert Fans, What things should I do first? I need some help. Should I get tacos first? Girls? Beers? Shirts? Posters? Help me! What should I do? Anything will help. I'm stressing. -Bajabro- BTW, I've already been to San Felipe. But I need some input from you guys.
  10. Bajabro1

    What makes the San Felipe 250 so cool?

    Hi Race-Dezert enthusiasts, Like the title said it... Tell me why San Felipe is such a badass race? I've never been to one, this year will mark my first SF 250 race and my second SCORE race. I started this thread to get some insight on what I'm about to expierence in a couple of weeks...
  11. Bajabro1

    Should I spend 5K on Wide Open Adventures?

    Hi Race-Dezert enthusiasts, What do you guys think about the four day package with Wide Open Adventures? My buddy is thinking about going this upcoming summer. He's taking me with him on the four day trip. Do you guys think it's worth every penny? Any answers will help. Thanks -Bajabro-
  12. Bajabro1

    My first Baja 1000 trip with the Locos Mocos Pit Crew

    Desert. Dust. 100 mph racing trucks. Washed out 4-foot whoop-de-dos. Cold temperatures. Crazy fans. Thirty-one hours of no sleep. Describes my first time to the most grueling, longest and dangerous desert race in the world: The Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. On Thursday Nov. 20, I embarked on the...
  13. Bajabro1

    What are the gas prices in Baja?

    To all off-road enthusiasts, Does anyone know what the current gas prices are in Baja? I'm pretty far away from Baja, I live in Chico, Calif. I'm trying to get everything planned out for my first trip to the Baja 1000. -Jose
  14. Bajabro1

    Need help finding the navigation points and the Locos Mocos Pit crews at Baja 1000

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post a thread about my upcoming trip to the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. When I arrive in Baja, I plan to eat and rest in Mexicali. I have everything taken care of in terms of transportation, food and expenses. My questions are… Where should I drive to first on...
  15. Bajabro1

    Will the baja 1000 be passing through Mexicali according to the pre-running map?

    I wanted to know if the actual race is passing through the Laguna Salada in the outskirts of Mexicali. If it is, I'll be happy as hell. Hopefully there's someone out there who can answer my question. This will be my first 1000 by the way. Thanks -Jose
  16. Bajabro1

    Looking for Travis Clarke.

    Hi Travis Clarke, My name is Jose Garcia and I'm looking for an internship in public relations. I was given a message by Jenn on Race-Dezert. This nice lady did not give me a full name, but she appears to be called Jenn on RDC. She nicely replied to a thread I posted a couple of weeks ago...
  17. Bajabro1

    A little bit of my rural life in Mexicali, B.C. Norte.

    To all those who love and know Baja. People who live in the Northern and Southern geological areas of Baja know that Baja is a very diverse, mystical and cultural place. Filled with excitement, craziness, delights and pleasure. I was very fortunate to live in Mexicali as a young kid. I still...
  18. Bajabro1

    Any Internships available for a public relations major?

    My name is Jose Garcia and I am a fifth-year senior at California State University of Chico. I'm a public relations and marketing major. I have only two semesters to go, and my career stake is just around the corner. Right now, getting an internship is a very tough issue. I have already...
  19. Bajabro1

    Public Relations summer internship.

    My name is Jose Garcia, I was wondering if anyone knows a good suspension or product company that needs a spokes-person or a Public Relations coordinator? I live in Chico, Calif., and I'm a student at Chico State University. I've lived half my life in Baja, I've seen what it takes to be a desert...
  20. Bajabro1

    Hello my name is Jose Garcia

    Hello my name is Jose Garcia. I have a great passion for desert racing. My desire for this unique sport came from my childhood memories in San Felipe and Ensenada. I plan to someday race class 7s in my 92 Ford Ranger. I plan to bring back the old "La Victoria" trophy truck that my idol Robby...