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  1. Race8100

    BITD Pahrump Rooms?

    PM sent
  2. Race8100

    BITD Pahrump Rooms?

    I'll pm you later once I get back.
  3. Race8100

    BITD Pahrump Rooms?

    I have 2 rooms (2 queen beds in each) reserved at the Best Western that I won't be using. Sold the truck. They are not pre-paid. You can just use the conf codes i have and pay when you arrive. Let me know.
  4. Race8100

    46th SNORE 250

    this is the only one I've found so far: KINGMAN SNORE 250 2015
  5. Race8100

    46th SNORE 250

    Map is up on snore's site.
  6. Race8100

    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    Well, at least you 'tried' to get this back on topic. lol. Looks great!
  7. Race8100

    Official Changes to the 2016 BITD Race Season (From Press Conference)

    pahrump and tonopah rooms booked!
  8. Race8100

    Scott Speed wins X-Games!

    what's the logic on using slicks out there w/ the dirt sections? seemed like they had zero traction once they hit the dirt.
  9. Race8100

    Please help keep trails open in Vegas

    Done. Donated.
  10. Race8100

    New 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000 Vintage Format and Regulations

    Thinking about taking part in this next year. For those that have raced this before, can you get away with 1 chase truck? Any issues bringing the race vehicle across border (i have a title for it)? Do you camp @ night or is each night spent in a town? Thanks!
  11. Race8100

    DragonFire Racing V2R Race Report

    nice write-up, but you might want to check your facts on the finishing rate. It was much higher. There was 115 C/T finishers alone.
  12. Race8100

    2014 Vegas to Reno top finishers: Who are your pics and why?

    anyone post the full results from qualifying? Don't see it anywhere.
  13. Race8100

    BITD General Tire Vegas to Reno Presented by Fox

    Jamie, thought maybe you'd know this. The entry list on bitd says: Early Registration open until Friday, August 8, 2014 Registration opens on Thursday, August 14, 2014, beginning at 8:30 am Where do we go for the 'early reg'? be nice to get that done before tech. Thanks!
  14. Race8100

    V2R Rawhide Support

    We'll be starting behind you, so if you need anything during the race, find our guys in the pits and we can bring it to you on our way by. However, with that pace you set @ SS300, doubt we'll catch you!
  15. Race8100

    Class 8 Cooling Issues…

    What did you come up with on this? Get it fixed?
  16. Race8100

    Mini attempts world record jump and it didn't go well

    2:59 when he's looking out the window made me think of this:
  17. Race8100

    Class 8 Cooling Issues…

    Yeah, my thought process would be to look for some issues with the current system (that seemingly worked fine previously) before you start throwing money/time at it in new rad's/fans/fab work/etc. That Ron Davis setup with the Spahl fans is pretty standard and works fine in so many other...
  18. Race8100

    Class 8 Cooling Issues…

    only other thing i can think of would be to make sure all the air is out of the system (no pockets).
  19. Race8100

    Class 8 Cooling Issues…

    copy and pasted this: higher pressure within the cooling system also; a) suppresses cavitation possibilities b) assists in keeping the differntial between air and coolant temp as high as possible ( within the entire system ) c) assists in avoiding local hot spots and aids flow