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  1. Andy Mac

    TT31 Baja 1000 VIDEO

    The latest and greatest from Jim Cook of Air, Land & Sea Films. We decided to do a longer video to try to bring the viewer to Baja and to make you guys/gals feel like you were at the race and in our pits. Please enjoy!
  2. Andy Mac

    Start - Road Block Incar

    Just watched #98 incar and figured might as well since people were asking for more. Sorry for the dirty camera, we were busy!
  3. Andy Mac

    TT31 2011 San Felipe Video

    A little something Jim put together after San Felipe. Congrats to Rob Mac on a well deserved win! And Jesse for 2nd!
  4. Andy Mac

    TT #31 Parker 425 RACE VIDEO

    Hope you all enjoy the latest creation out of McMillin Realty Racing! Video courtesy of Jim Cook; Air Land and Sea Films.
  5. Andy Mac

    #31 TT Parker Qualifying Incar VIDEO

    Since I am a fan first and a racer second, I always love watching everyone's incar. Here's mine from Qualifying on Thursday. Props to Sam Berri on another pole! Enjoy!
  6. Andy Mac

    Thank You Team Vildosola!

    I don't have Tavo's phone number, so I figured this was the best place to write this. I want to personally thank the Vildosola's and the entire Vildosola crew at mile 150 on Diablo Dry Lake. We had a hole burst in our power steering return line at mile 104, and it gave out for good at their...
  7. Andy Mac

    CONGRATS Steve Sourapas and TT#6 TEAM!

    This weekend was Steve's first Trophy Truck win and his first desert race win since Laughlin 2001 (no pun intended!). Steve held his own against BJ and the rest on Sunday and drove a great race. Just wanted to give Steve a big shout out for a job well done on Sunday, and for taking the win by a...
  8. Andy Mac

    VIDEO: Scott Mac First 10 Minutes of SF 250

    Most underrated driver in off-road racing... ...I learn from this guy the most! Video courtesy of "Blam Cam" phenom Scott Smith! Highlight video to follow.
  9. Andy Mac

    Parker Preview Video

    This was posted on my facebook page by Victor Fabian. Just a preview of the first lap. Let's see some more videos!
  10. Andy Mac

    Andy/Scott Mac 2009 Baja 1000 Race Report

    2009 Baja 1000 Race Report Wow! What an incredible race! I will get right to the good stuff… WARNING: I got a little carried away, and this turned out quite long. I didn't want to take any parts of the story out, so I hope you enjoy and its not too long! Start - ANDY I started the race...
  11. Andy Mac

    Baja 1000 is less than a month away!

    This thread is for all stories leading up to the 1000. Nimrod, I know you can start getting the hype going. I'm so excited to get down to Baja that I feel like it is my first race! This should be one of the best Baja 1000 races for the overall ever! Will some of the buggy dorks be able to...
  12. Andy Mac

    2009 Baja 1000 Drawing Results

    Someone had to start the thread. And sorry, I do not have the results!
  13. Andy Mac

    Andy Mac 2009 V2R RACE REPORT

    First of all, what a great race! I loved the 3 day stage format. Who wouldn’t? Three straight days of good ole’ off-road racing! Qualifying The goal was, as it always is, to be in the top 5 at the starting line. I felt really good about my run. I didn’t make any mistakes, and felt that we...
  14. Andy Mac

    Saudi Road Skating!

    Ok, so I just found this on youtube. Probably the coolest video I have ever seen. YouTube - Saudi Road skating video - with original sound There is also Saudi drifting on the highways. Oh if I only lived in Saudi Arabia and had my TT there! YouTube - AL-BADR saudi drift
  15. Andy Mac

    Vegas to Reno Qualifying/Start Positions

    Posted up on BITD's site. Looks like a good turn out! Just follow the link below.
  16. Andy Mac

    Kentucky Truck Race

    Did anyone happen to see what happened to Brian with less than 30 laps to go? What a BS call, especially since the 81 did the exact same thing except on the outside instead of the inside, and Brian gave the 81 his spot back. I don't think I could do Nascar, that's for sure...
  17. Andy Mac

    I'm Baaaaaaack!

    jajaja, couldn't resist! However, I will not be the loudmouth 21 year old like I used to be!