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  1. Kartman

    NORRA 500 Photos

    I have a few spots left for clients racing the NORRA 500. Call today to sign up.
  2. Kartman

    2016 NORRA Photos

    All NORRA photos are up! If you raced, odds are there are photos of you. 10% off until May 31st. If you have any questions let me know. Durka Durka Photo > NORRA 2016
  3. Kartman

    New BITD Freq. Why?

    According to a press release this morning BITD will have a new freq for 2016. From the PR Use frequency 152.960 for Radio Communications for 2016. Im just wondering why? Something wrong with the old freq?
  4. Kartman

    Durka presents the Baja 500

    All photos are now up from the Baja 500. Thanks to all the drivers for putting on a great show. 10% off for the next 5 days.
  5. Kartman

    2013 Baja 500 con Durka

    9 days in Baja and countless memories. A few highlights below. See more at Durka Durka Photo
  6. Kartman

    Durka Does the SF250

    Another awesome baja trip in the books. A little preview
  7. Kartman

    Porker 425 Preview with Durka

  8. Kartman

    Rage at the Durka part Duex

    All Rage photos are now up on my website. 10% off for the next 5 days. Order by the 18th with Fedex shipping and get prints in time for Christmas.
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    Rage at the Durka

    A little preview from today more at
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    Durka Baja 1000 Photos Now Posted

    All my photos from the 1000 are now up at A preview of a few favorites, go to the website to see more.
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    Protest Deadlines

    All the video/photo based protests days and weeks after the race are ridiculous. There clearly needs to be a cutoff for protesting with any of this stuff. If my fellow goons and I are able to transmit photos to various clients during a race I see no reason why someone with potentially...
  12. Kartman

    Durka goes to Baja - Photos with no Controversy!

    I witnessed nothing controversial, just some great racing and had a great time. Thanks to all the racers for putting on a great show and the people of baja for another great trip. I shot late into the night so should have just about everyone. Going through everything now and should have all...
  13. Kartman

    BITD Durkawater Desert Challenge Fotos

    A few of my favorites from qualifying and day 1.
  14. Kartman

    A gift, from me to you guys

    If you like hula hooping chicks in bikinis then like Durka on Facebook and Twitter. Durka Facebook Durka Twitter
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    Durka Does The Mint

    A few favorites from qualifying
  16. Kartman

    Luke McMillin goes Mainstream

    Not only did Luke McMillin get the win he also got on Sports Illustrated. You can vote for your favorite photo at the end of the gallery. Hint hint. Click below to vote...
  17. Kartman

    <'{(((>>< BAP with Durka

    A few favorites including Wyylie's 75 yard+mega huck
  18. Kartman

    Porker 425 con Durka

    A few of my favorites from the weekend
  19. Kartman

    Parker 425 + Sports Illustrated = Happy Durka

    SI has a photos of the day spread and I am happy to say a shot from qualifying made the cut. You can vote for your favorite of the day (at the end of each day's gallery) so please go to the link and vote for desert racing. Direct link...
  20. Kartman

    Laughlin Durka Challenge 2012: The Sequel!!!!!!

    Some great action on course today, a few of my favorites.