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  1. FlyHiFlyLo

    Has a car ever been DQed for hitting a bike rider in the Dakar Rally?

    Has it ever happened? Penalty or DQ?
  2. FlyHiFlyLo

    RIP Dan Wheldon

    Do'n what he did best. Another lost to the great motorsport god.
  3. FlyHiFlyLo

    Arciero Ragland Team Up for Baja 1000 ON A BIKE!!!

    They are going to be unstoppable!
  4. FlyHiFlyLo

    Not sure if this was posted yet. Grabber Olds in Hot Rod
  5. FlyHiFlyLo

    iphone / Android developers...

    Hey, anyone know of some contacts to do this or have been doing this? I have an app that is all done in Java and I want to finish the GUI.
  6. FlyHiFlyLo

    Robby Gordon goes the extra mile and holds autograph signing for the homeless

    It's great seeing RG reach out to the less fortunate fans. Robby said that particular guy was sleeping under the grandstands and was very thursty. So he invited him back to the hauler and gave him a tuna sandwich plus a Speed and vodka. RG also said we offered him some cash for a haircut but...
  7. FlyHiFlyLo

    This might help RG go for the 5 million bucks.

    Vote here...
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    Any Truckers?

    Looking to get a 20 foot FCL from Long Beach to Acton.
  9. FlyHiFlyLo

    Trade bait.

    Okay so it's the end of the world as we know it. Cash money and gold are worthless, electricity isn't working, water pumps aren't pumping water, gas staitions and food markets have been looted 3 months ago. Other then water, food, ammo, guns, gas and poon, what are the items that you...
  10. FlyHiFlyLo

    Awesome 1450/Sportsman or Prerunner engine.

    What's you thoughts on the all aluminum (102lbs lighter) Shelby 5.4 supercharged 550hp 510tq engine for these applications? I have access to 5 complete units (Factory drop-in fully dressed) I was wondering if it would be worth my trouble to get them. I would think it would be the pump...
  11. FlyHiFlyLo

    Millen Built Class 10

    Whatever happened to it?
  12. FlyHiFlyLo

    Obama said the other day the US doesn't have superior tech to stop the oil leak.

    Maybe so, but these red necks sure have a superior way to clean up the mess. WHAT A JOKE Obama is.
  13. FlyHiFlyLo

    Robby answering questions about his Monster Truck program

    I guess you can post your qustions on Monster Mayhem to Robby Gordon. Only post monster truck related questions. They will select the top 10 questions and Robby Gordon will answer them... Here is a link to the thread...." That is...
  14. FlyHiFlyLo

    Impact Racing (safety products) Are you screwed too?

    March 26, 2010 - NOTICE OF DECERTIFICATION; NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST AND TERMINATION OF ALL CONTRACTS OF PARTICIPATION ISSUED TO IMPACT RACING SFI Foundation, Inc., has issued a Notice of Decertification; Notice of Cease and Desist, and a notice terminating all Contracts of Participation to...
  15. FlyHiFlyLo

    Robby Gordon Monster Tuck Update

    These guys did all this in 6 days. Chassis was prefab... It's bad ass!
  16. FlyHiFlyLo

    First Spy Pics Robby's Monster Truck Build

    See it here.
  17. FlyHiFlyLo

    Internal By-Pass Shocks.

    Why oh why not the hot ticket with shock manufactures? Why are they holding out? They just aren't good? Why don't Car/Truck builders demand them?
  18. FlyHiFlyLo

    TT weight rule.

    Doesn't it suck?
  19. FlyHiFlyLo

    Try To Guess What This Is.