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    Belt sander attachment for angle grinder

    Look at this from Trick Tools. Made by 525 Industries Fits on a die grinder.
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    A Arm Weld on upgrade kit for VW

    There is a kit for $2200 on built by Mosebilt in the Offroad Parts classifieds.
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    Torsion Bars

    My original message was from 2001. My car is done and I'm getting ready for the Swinger Showdown. Thanks for the info.
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    Surgery- info needed fast.

    Had mine out 2 years ago. Got so bad, it almost burst. Spent 4 or 5 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Was back at work the next week. I have four little scars where they made the incisions. You will be sensitive to fats and fried foods, but it gets better with time. Real butter and...
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    Class 9 Fourm Moderator

    Does anyone know who is the moderator for the Class 9 Forum? Thanks, Mike Hinson
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    Best oil cooling set-up

    I run the stock doghouse style cooler and fan shroud. Haven't had a problem yet.
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    Backing Plates

    Call John at RC Trans. (702) 221-4363 Mike
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    shock pressure

    I run 200 psi in mine. Mike
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    freeway on ramp smog

    All fleets with two or more trucks are required to get an opacity test at a certified test facility every year after the truck reaches four years old. Calif Air Resources Board (CARB) audits trucking companies for compliance. The fines for non-compliance can be staggering. Currently, if you...
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    Corey & Victor, Congratulations and Great job. You worked hard all year to make it happen. You never give up, even when it looks like all is lost. Mike Hinson
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    axel housing

    John is the owner of RC Trans in Las Vegas. He builds awesome Class 9 transmissions. I run the tube stiffeners and have not had a problem with them. Where you get in trouble is going air borne and coming down sideways on the rear wheel. Tremendous amount of stress is put on the drum, axle...
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    I have Camel backs with 12V windshield washer motors in line. They are wired to a dashboard switch for getting a drink. The co-driver operates the switch so the driver can keep both hands on the wheel. They are mounted inside the car every race with zip ties. The drink tubes have a piece of...
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    Should we allow any type one transmission mods?

    Steve, Very well said. There is no way we can slow down and stay competetive. I for one appreciate these discussions. It is good to see our group communicating plus I have been enjoying the verbal sparring. Mike
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    Pinky II

    I'll bring the syrup & paper plates. Mike
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    Front end for "dummies"

    You can also install a washer on the lower shock mount shaft to space the shock out a little bit, moving it away from the arm. Also check to make sure the arms are not bent. Mike Hinson-938
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    Pinky II

    With Bisquick as a sponsor, are you going to provide us a pancake breakfast at your next race? Mike
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    Building a 9 motor

    Jeff, Nice to see you posting here. 1) Shuffle pins in the center main bearing support 2) Full flow oil for the case and cut for sand seal 3) Cast iron oil pump and full flow oil pump cover 4) Your choice of cam and lifters 5) Gussets on the top of the case to reinforce the bellhousing...
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    Should we allow power steering

    I vote No to power steering. Mike Hinson-938
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    Should we allow any type one transmission mods?

    Yes. Open trans mods will ultimately lead to lower operating cost per race. Mike Hinson-938
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    Should any type one engine tin be allowed?

    Yes. Allow any Type 1 engine tin. Mike Hinson-938