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    EDR Firecrakcer 250 in the books!!

    That's Firecracker 250!! What a fantastic weekend for a Texas off-road race! Once again John, Tammie, Angie and the whole EDR crew had a great track and well planned event! If you are a Texas or Texas area racer there are no good excuses to have missed this event. You guys have to get your...
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    Shock ID help

    Anyone know who made these shocks? Thanks for any help! Michael
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    VW Baja 1/24th Scale Parts on Ebay

    Cool parts for you builders out there. Not mine, I just thought you guys might be interested. Baja Wrecking Yard
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    New 2004 Hotwheel Race Truck

    Got this artist rendering of the new 1/64 Hotwheel race truck that should be out this year. Pretty cool.
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    Electric Fan on a '91 4.0 Ranger??

    Electric Fan on a \'91 4.0 Ranger?? This is probably an old question, but have any of you guys replaced the factory clutch fan on a 4.0 Ranger with an electric one? Any recomendations...manfacturer, part number etc.? Mine howls like a banshee and doesn't cool well at idle with the A/C on...
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    Any Whiplash Rocky Point Results??

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    Parker results???

    Hey, you guys wake up out there.....any Parker pics/results? Thanks! Michael <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
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    Off-road truck diecast at Walmart

    There are some pretty cool little race trucks at Walmart. They appear to be Fords with various paint schemes. Not too detailed but pretty cool. They're around $10 and about 1/30 scale. They are put out by
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    Uniball replacement??

    So, what do you guys think about this shot? Any info on the joint at the end of the upper arm? This is from the Avalanche TT at the SEMA show...Bilstein booth. Michael <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
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    Robbie Interview

    Robby Cup car interview right here:
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    Robby 500 Video...

    OK, is the Robby video from the 500 available anywhere? Somethings up with JD fab's....Thanks! Michael <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
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    Straight front axle 2WD ???

    OK, I may regret this, but here goes. On a primarily street driven (Chevy) 2WD prerunner, what would be wrong with scraping the stock A-arms and converting to a straight axle...similar to the race Cherokees. It looks like good travel would be fairly easy and inexpensive. No camber changes, no...
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    Blazer Fiberglass Quarters?

    Anyone out there have/make fiberglass quarters for old Blazers....'73-'88ish. Donahoe maybe? Thanks! Michael <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>
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    Old Chevy a-arm questions.

    OK, I have a '74 2WD Blazer that's getting a little prerunner treatment. I have 3" coils on the front and the thing drives awful. I put the upper ball joints under the top a-arm with 1/2" spacers. I'm currently running about 2 degrees positive caster, 1/2 degree pos camber. All the components...