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  1. MTPyle

    Need a Wrap installer in SoCal asap

    Hey guys. We need to wrap a few panels on our truck for the Mint. We have the wrap printed but need an installer. It’s about half the truck, hood, driver door, and two bed sides. Trying to find someone that can come to Temecula where the truck is and do it. Someone has to be out there that...
  2. MTPyle

    Whipple Superchargers 6122 BITD CCDC 2021 Race report

    Whipple Superchargers 6122 BITD CCDC 2021 Race report I have been putting off doing a race report until we finished a race and have a positive experience. Happy to report that Cal City was our first race in two years that we did not have a single truck/engine issue. Let me say that again...
  3. MTPyle

    BITD Mesa interviews video LOL

    So Connor does not want to go on the mesa and get interviewed by George. He has drove around the last few. I made him go up at this last race and was reminded why we skip this part of BITD race events. I think George really just wants to interview Gomer Pyle and or a piece of $ h i t. LOL turn...
  4. MTPyle

    6122 Whipple Superchargers BITD City Full day 1 video

    Here is the video that Alex put together for us of day 1. Connor Pyle driving and Carson Pyle co driving. A few camera angles and driver audio makes this petty cool. For those that like to watch long racing videos like we do here you go. Mike
  5. MTPyle

    toe in vs toe out on fronts

    So I have gone with the toe out for a couple reasons but wondering what the RDC brain trust thinks. Toe out for sure is not as stable in straight line but is more stable going into a turn and even more going out of a turn. Also with toe out when you get some force pushing the truck to one side...
  6. MTPyle

    UTV Sportsman Rally BITD requirements

    I really did try and search and looked thru the BITD rules but man I am more confused than before. What do I need to do to my stock Can am to make it BITD legal for the sportsman class? I think the sportsman class if the most stock but maybe its UTV Rally? IDK I know they have a class that...
  7. MTPyle

    2021 BITD Parker BWDC / now named: Cal City Desert Challenge Brought to You by Fox

    Many of you may have seen the proposed schedule for the upcoming BWDC. The schedule was only one day of racing on Sunday for Cars and Trucks, with qualifying Thursday. So that would make teams like ours have to come Wednesday night and wait until Sunday to race half a race. Obviously not going...
  8. MTPyle

    BITD Laughlin Desert Classic 2021

    Figured I would start a thread. Qualifying was interesting. Not sure why they decided to start in 3 different lanes. The inside lane had a huge advantage. So dumb to make the start of qualifying so different depending on what lane you got. I think the inside lane had a 2 second advantage...
  9. MTPyle

    Pro Co driver for V2R

    We are looking for a pro Co driver for V2R that can ride the entire race. Must have TT or 6100 experience. Would need to be available for practice and testing weeks before the race. Willing to pay. Will also need someone for B400 and B1K We need to step up our game and need someone that’s...
  10. MTPyle

    6122 full raw unedited video with audio

    Day 1 finally got done on YouTube. Over 6 hours of footage with comms and two camera views. I have not watched the entire thing and have no idea if I said some stupid stuff or did something I should not be sharing. LOL. These have not been edited and go from start to finish interview. I am...
  11. MTPyle

    New fuel cell and tire position

    So we are doing a new fuel cell and trying to figure out the best way to put the tires. we can center stack but it makes the truck a little longer and lower in the rear. currently are tires are flat next to each other. my question is will having all the weight in the middle make it less...
  12. MTPyle

    Tire change in car video from 6122 Legacy race

    OK here it is. I added some commentary to the video to make sure people know we understand how poorly we performed. I was giving Mike Osborn crap in the video for being more than a minute behind us when he went by. But the fact that he went by us shows he was faster. LOL Good for him. I would...
  13. MTPyle

    Race prep shop in Vegas or Barstow area?

    We are looking for a shop that can prep our 6100 truck and help with race support. Trying to find someone in the Vegas or Barstow area so it’s close to the races ans test areas. Let me know if you have any ideas or know someone that has the bandwidth and interest. Thanks. Mike
  14. MTPyle

    New Garmin Tread Nav with Power switch module

    Not sure if you guys have seen this. I think its pretty damn cool The Tread is a Navigation system that has built in Coms, , remote cam, and ability to control external 6 circut power module. Basically a complete turnkey system for your UTV. It also integrates with Sat coms. Garmin Tread...
  15. MTPyle

    off-road test areas

    So we got to run our truck at Barstow this weekend. I was amazed at the terrain and great trails for testing the truck. You can find every level of whoops and even some really big stuff. We have now been to most major test areas and I think Barstow is the best that we have been to. I did not...
  16. MTPyle

    Whipple Superchargers 6122 2021 KOH Race recap

    Wow what an event and amazing experience. We started our KOH prep after our rough Parker race last year. We had to get new body, new engine, fix cooling issues, new engine harness, new look, and etc... Lots of work and for the most part we did great. Was more work than I thought to make...
  17. MTPyle

    Tortoise or the Hare in Desert racing?

    Poll- See above Who wins more desert races? the fast guy that makes some mistakes or the slower consistent guy? We have been debating which driver should race our truck in the KOH T2 race. This has brought up an interesting debate. We have 2 drivers and one is slower and consistent and the...
  18. MTPyle

    LS3 Water pump set up for racing

    Hey guys, I have some questions about the LS3 water pump on our 6100. yes we have a LT1 engine but we adapted the LS3 water pump as the LT has the PS pump integrated and does not work, anyway.. One question is whats best, no thermostat? drilled thermostat or some other option? Second question...
  19. MTPyle

    6122 Whipple Superchargers 2020 BITD BWDC Race recap

    What a weekend, LOL …. Our plan was to podium and do the best we could do. We really felt like we finally had the truck and the speed to compete. We did a pretty major prep on the truck getting ready for BWDC and so we could also be ready for the B1K. We got new engine, full prep, and some...
  20. MTPyle

    Best 450x suspension set up guy.

    We have a couple 450x and a 450L. We are thinking of racing in the next BITD Laughlin race and want to get at least one of our bikes set up the best it can be for our weight and for desert racing. Who’s the SDG of dirt bikes and knows the secret sauce? we have spent some time in engine and...