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  1. 1wayne

    Future state of UTV Classes

  2. 1wayne

    Off road racing in Clark county is over

    Sad but true. I also think Baja is going to get harder to have races in. The Farmers and the Ranchers I, think they are getting feed up with all the UTV tour company's and big groups riding on their land and roads. Just my opinion.
  3. 1wayne

    Post your old race photos!

    My Pops in 77 or 78 Baja 1000.
  4. 1wayne

    What is your favorite “section”?

    The Pine Forest, Mike's Road, Cross over road, Santo Tomas to Johnson Ranch turn off. Parker 400 in 70's California side from Rice to the north end of Thunder Alley. New Years Race in Plaster City.
  5. 1wayne

    What we have lost over the years

    Fireworks 250 in Barstow 1978.
  6. 1wayne

    What we have lost over the years

    Miss that California side, my Dad would make race that side every time! I think that was my first race in 1977 started at the gas station in Earp.
  7. 1wayne

    Chenowth is Back!

    This was last 4 seat Chenowth that was built at Fiber Tech 2009 I think is when I purchased it.
  8. 1wayne

    Chenowth is Back!

    One longer in business.
  9. 1wayne

    Auto Transport from Cabo to the Border

    I know the feeling. That's why did it. Two transmission in year got over it. Now when I spend money on the Canned Ham, it's because it want to!
  10. 1wayne

    Auto Transport from Cabo to the Border

    You ordered a Speed SXS?
  11. 1wayne

    2020 BAJA 500

    Your right, I don't. But just my opinion, I don't think we need to be down there at this time. Let Baja recover from this scam. Then let's start racing and enjoying Baja in 2021. Again, just my opinion. Plus I don't feel like waiting 4 to 8 hours to back home. My co worker had wait for over 8...
  12. 1wayne

    2020 BAJA 500

    I think SCORE needs to pull the plug on 2020 racing season. Just my opinion.
  13. 1wayne

    1968 Mint 400 results & Borrego Rough 100

    The Borrego races are were my Dad first started racing. We were down there for weekend and there just happen to be a race going on. The night after the race, him and his buddy were drinking Ten High around the camp fire and made bet that my Dad couldn't have a car ready for the next race. (The...
  14. 1wayne

    Which race is most fun to drive?

    California side Parker 400 when it started and finished in Earp! Baja Santo Tomas to Johnson Ranch road, Pine Forest. All Plaster City races.
  15. 1wayne

    Looking for some help with Baja GPS files

    So here's my question does anybody have any GPS files from either Norra or Score Baja 1000 that we could purchase. We are planing trip form Cabo back to Tecate over Christmas. We are trying to plan our trip and figure out gas and hotels. We have a lot Baja Norte expercenice but no Baja Sur...
  16. 1wayne

    Word on the Streets

    Popcorn time and Corona time!
  17. 1wayne

    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    Our old hi cage Chenoweth 1000. It was fun car. Wish I could find it. Made into a class 9 car for Stan Potter.
  18. 1wayne

    Baja 1000 spectating

    Erindia about race mile 100 to130.
  19. 1wayne

    Baja Advice

    I recommend to cross at Tecate a lot easier in my opinion.
  20. 1wayne

    Baja Advice

    They don't want certificate of ownership, they want to see original current registration papers no copies.