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  1. South Texas Racer

    Getting my dad to his first Baja race

    I co drive for Mills Motorsports and we are leaving for Ensenada on the 6th. Because of work my dad can't fly into San Diego till the 9th. I know it's a little early but does any know if they will have their team or members coming down on the 9th or 10th with an extra seat in one of their...
  2. South Texas Racer

    Gta 5

    Who plans on getting it? Ill be playing online. Harleyrider22
  3. South Texas Racer

    SUPER-8 roll call for 1000

    What trucks in the SCORE super-8 class (LS3) are planning on racing this Baja 1000?
  4. South Texas Racer

    HNR which do you prefer and why?

    I am about to order another HNR and I have always used the Hybrid Pro Rage. Anyone have any other preferences besides that and why? Thanks in advance. PS I race in a class 6100 BITD truck if that helps.
  5. South Texas Racer

    GK Motorsports

    My buddies race teams win another pro-stock race. That makes two in a row. Shout out to GK Motorsports Gaston Kirby, Erica Andrews and the rest of the team. That chick can drive\m/
  6. South Texas Racer

    Fifa 13

    If anyone gets down on PS3 add me. Texas_Striker and my brother harleyrider22\m/
  7. South Texas Racer

    Gold fiberglass

    Has anyone ever done or seen a gold glass body. We are going to set up a gold body after we ruin our current body. We are in the oilfield and want to do a black gold theme. Just curious if anyone has ever seen one.
  8. South Texas Racer

    Texas race!

    Who is all coming to the race in Odessa the weekend of September the 14th?
  9. South Texas Racer

    New Profile

    I started this new profile as my team wanted no association with this site. Pretty new to racing but looking to learn all that we can.
  10. South Texas Racer

    New profile

    Created a new profile been on this site for awhile. Thanks