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  1. johnboy

    Potter back in business???

    Was Raymond Potter at the Sand Sport show selling a new car? I thought he was out of business with several peoples deposits in limbo. Does anyone know where he is working or where his shop is located at? I saw a card and it had no address on it, only a phone number I think. Any help?:confused:
  2. johnboy

    V2R Extra Rooms?

    The rooms for the pre-run and race are sold out. If people have extra rooms or are no longer going to make the race or pre-run, here is a place to list your info to help find rooms. We need 2 rooms Saturday night 8-2, for the pre-run in Tonopah and Pahrump, and Pahrump for the night before...
  3. johnboy

    Will a new avg. speed record be set?

    Is this the race to will set a new average speed record; and is this the race to get the overall win back on four wheels? Preran the course by chance just before the notice of the location change was published, and it was fastest conditions I can ever remember! What is the consensous?
  4. johnboy

    Hello from johnboy

    Hi, My name is John and I am a new member of this forum. I own Mobile Radio Communications and I have noticed lots of radio talk and questions on these postings. I look forward to assisting with some input to these conversations because it appears there are some significant mis-conceptions about...