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  1. RobinsonMS

    Banditos between Ojos and Valle T

    Heard about a few incidents this week on Ride Baja Facebook page... Please watch out our friends where taken down at gun point between valle de la Trinidad and ojos negros sat 13 around 530-6pm shots where fired stolen truck trailer and utv please share
  2. RobinsonMS

    Gas at Gonzaga?

    Is gas station in Gonzaga open? I havent been thru in a while
  3. RobinsonMS

    Tire sidewall repair in El Cajon

    Spoke with Toby Ramos tire in El Cajon, across the street from Competitive Metals. 619-847-8855 Quoted $100 to fix a cut sidewall on a BFG Krawler. I recall some guys having trouble finding anyone to do this.
  4. RobinsonMS

    Prerun the 500 May 17-19

    Im doing a condensed prerun leaving Tecate Friday afternoon. Driving down the El Compadre to Ojos, stop for tacos and reload the cooler then heading down to Tres Hermanos to catch the course. Planning to camp out in that vicinity. Saturday was planning to skip the summit loop if Im running...
  5. RobinsonMS

    RM476 gas tacos beer cabins

    we stayed at Rancho Piedra Blanca. Very nice gracious hosts. Stop in for a beer or a splash of gas if you need it. They have 4 cabins available
  6. RobinsonMS

    Punta Conejo access rd RM 1073 +/-

    Anyone know the highway KM marker for the access road?
  7. RobinsonMS

    Gas in Conquista Agraria RM 1090?

    Ive never been there, is there a Pemex Station or at least people selling fuel out of drums?
  8. RobinsonMS

    Baja 1000 Motorcycle prerun chase team or passenger needed Oct 30-Nov 10

    Our chase team bailed out at the last minute so we need a driver with a reliable truck to chase 6 motorcycles to La Paz. We will pay for all of the gas, food, hotels, insurance and a detail for your truck when you get home. You will be towing a 16 ft car trailer to haul the bikes back. We...