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  1. dlwilder

    Helmet/suit inspection for down course racers

    dont quote me on this but i have heard it can be done at the finish line.
  2. dlwilder

    "What about you?" required reading before the Baja 1000

    gr8t post & reading, this will be my 2nd Baja 1000. another point being that it only takes one wheel off the pavement, passing or not ( which is narrow )and over correct and u may be done with. I wish the best to all in safety, for all chase crews as well as our race vehicles.
  3. dlwilder

    Weather down south this 1000

    we just finished pre-running our section from loreto to cabo, weather was between 90-100 during the day. we ran till 11 at night w/ no jackets though we brought them just in case
  4. dlwilder

    SA rated helmets

    Sa rated is not mandatory til 08, parker pumper & pci both carry the new helmets. got mine for $450 otd from parker pumper @ primm
  5. dlwilder

    Class 7sx Re: John Holmes

    Thanks guy's , kinda confirms the info I was given last night by phone.
  6. dlwilder

    Class 7sx Re: John Holmes

    Does anyone know how to contact John Holmes out of Olivehain, Ca (Encinitas area). We have a couple of questions he may be able to answer for us, Please contact either Jim at 661-979-1721 or David at 661-979-1723, or email to or Thank You
  7. dlwilder

    Chassis clean up

    I would like to know what some of the teams out there use to clean the chassis after the race or is there a product that can be sprayed on the chassis prior to the race to inhibit rust?? were always doing major clean-up after the races due to water. Secondly, if it does rain will they delay the...
  8. dlwilder

    GPS to PC

    Hello, My name is David and I am new here to race-dezert. Last year my brother decide to endulge in a new hobby which we both love, racing. Our first race was the Baja 1000 in 2006, we took 2nd place in the 7sx class, 1st in the Baja 250 (2007) and 1st in the Baja 500 (2007). My brother was told...