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  1. Waitin4dv

    Wiring coming up. (Questions)

    I have a 98 f150 with stock motor and trans. Just back halfed it with fuel cell. Did a dash with auto meter gauges and now getting ready to take to wiring. Will the wiring company be able to use my stock wiring harness to plug into the gauges and fuel tank? Also did upgraded 2014 bedsides. Just...
  2. Waitin4dv

    My 98 f150 HnM/ Armorcraft Build

    Well bought the truck with a kit on it a quite a few years back which ended up being a junk kit. So now the build begins. Took to h and m to have there class 8 LT kit installed. The kit came out great. So now the saving game begins and two years later starting to get to the inside cage and back...
  3. Waitin4dv

    Wheel base shortening

    In the process of four linking my 98 f150 extracab. I bought the McNeil tt bedsides that are made for a shortened wheel base. Is there a common length on shortening up the rear wheels or do you have to mount the bedsides and adjust your wheel base from there?
  4. Waitin4dv

    Spring rates and valving

    im getting ready to four link my 98 f150 and was wondering if there are multiple combinations for spring Rae's and valving or is there a pretty much a specific setup? Thinking of running a 3.0 coil and 4.0 bypass shock. Pretty much chopping back half off and going all tube and running the gas...
  5. Waitin4dv

    4.0 bypass to big?

    I'm in the process of four linking my f150 and was thinking of using a 4.0 bypass and 3.5 coil over. Is there any reason that I shouldn't do that besides money. I know most run 3.0 coil and 3.5 bypass.
  6. Waitin4dv

    Who's fiberglass bedsides

    Looking to see what company makes these bedsides? 98 Ford F-150