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  1. JenDiggityDirt

    Chuck Strange.....

    So many of my favorite memories had Chuck in the background. There was no one quite like him. Annoying at times, strange always, but kind and generous and a professional adventurer. It just doesn't seem possible he's gone. I'm so bummed. Curt's story did give me a very big smile, though!
  2. JenDiggityDirt

    Friendly fire in Mexico

    Hey, what's wrong with self-taught fabricators running around the desert in lovely unfinished garage projects with sloppy welds holding cracked tubes together?
  3. JenDiggityDirt

    mid-west point of view

    Just to redeem us "west-coasters" from being lumped into a group of non-patriots. I remember one of the first Chula Vista races where the mic was cutting-out for the singer of the NA and the crowd pick-ed and sang it all together. Pretty impressive and quite a memorable moment. Again, it's not...
  4. JenDiggityDirt

    mid-west point of view

    This is our chance to make a difference and ask the hat-wearing-offender to please show some respect to our country and soldiers and embrace our traditions. Anyone reading here I'm fairly sure, would not show that kind of disrespect. That being said, why does CORR do "opening ceremonies" AFTER...
  5. JenDiggityDirt

    CORR... Pomona

    We'll be there from Fri morning unitl late Sunday. And one more vote from Riverside.
  6. JenDiggityDirt

    Johnny Greaves private So Cal test??

    Since were on the subject of Greeve's trucks. Here are a few pics from ROR a couple years back.
  7. JenDiggityDirt

    Who are the new Pro drivers in CORR for '08?

    Is Scott Kincaid racing CORR this year? I see him in the stands at every race and know he wants to be out there. What about Mark Schof in Pro 2.
  8. JenDiggityDirt

    Best Short Course Announcer Team?

    Walley has raced, matter of fact, i was just reading 1000 Miles To Glory and there was a pic of Walley years ago. But back then all sorts of televison personalities would race the Baja races. When desert racing was considered "manly" and looked upon as "cool" now it's looked at as...
  9. JenDiggityDirt

    Best Short Course Announcer Team?

    Kritter hit it on the head. The NBC guys, as revered as they may be, just arent good at announcing CORR races. It is as if they HAVE to be there and do just the minimum to get the job done. Speed on the other hand...Ken is great, absolutly great, and although Cam's...
  10. JenDiggityDirt

    looking for an engine

    2 stroke, 4 stroke, steam? for a car, bus, earthmoving equipment? Diesel, gas, propane, coal? Im gonna guess its for some kind of single-cyl powered buggy, try your local lawn mower shop for used engines. Or check with Northern Equipment for new stuff.
  11. JenDiggityDirt

    Fearless to the CORR DVD

    Great vid, but what the heck is going on with some of that music?
  12. JenDiggityDirt

    Gordon to race for DODGE

    A Mo-parts powered Pro-2??
  13. JenDiggityDirt

    Laughlin Desert Challenge Updates

    any other results?
  14. JenDiggityDirt

    Laughlin Desert Challenge Updates

    Wow, two exact same posts. Something wierd going on here.
  15. JenDiggityDirt

    Laughlin Desert Challenge Updates

    any new updates?
  16. JenDiggityDirt

    Laughlin Desert Challenge Updates

    Keep us posted on Vance, I was hoping htis would be his weekend.
  17. JenDiggityDirt

    Laughlin Desert Challenge Updates are the media center now PAB.
  18. JenDiggityDirt

    Laughlin Desert Challenge Updates

    keep it coming PAB. TORR doesnt seem to work for me. You are my only hope.
  19. JenDiggityDirt

    Like to get into CORR racing, how?

    I belive Jeff is/was trying to sell his PL.
  20. JenDiggityDirt

    Practice cars

    Makes me wish we still had ROR open. During winter we would get many of the big-name CORR pro2 and pro4 teams testing. It wasnt the best track to test as it was very sandy and a bit rocky. But $400/day got you a groomed, watered, technical, and private test facility for 8+ hours (i would build...