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    302 and C4 gearing help

    We have a hookup for a freshly rebuilt 302 and c4 trans for our truck. We are thinking about upgrading it with heads/cam like this If we did that plus headers and a good carb I think we could be looking at 380hp+. My...
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    What horn is this?

    I am looking for a horn setup for my truck, I have heard them on some unlimited cars ( I think maybe the Wilson bros). The sound is more like an emergency vehicle/cop car sound. Almost sounds like a loud buzzing rather than a high pitch horn. Is it electric or air? Who makes it? I found a...
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    HnM Crash video

    Ok guys sorry about the wait. Big thanks to for hosting this for me. I would like to apologize for saying "Ya!!!" I didnt mean to sound excited that someone crashed. I was excited that we got it on video and whatever, Ive rolled...
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    ?s for 1450 racers

    For anyone who has raced 1450 more then a few times, I was wondering how much do you usually spend and what you do for prep etc. I know racing is expensive and ideally you would want to tear down the whole truck between each race etc. Off the top of my head I could see about 250 for entry...
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    cycling vs measuring

    Hey guys, Im going to be mounting some 16in shocks in the back of my bed pretty soon, I just was wondering what cycling the travel is going to do vs just measuring? with the 16in shock I will have more then enough shock to go with my deaver springs so if its measured correctly, is there...
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    rate this fabwork

    Hey guys, this shop is near me, let me know what you think of there work, I have nothing to do with this shop, so if its bad flame away, I am NOT taking my truck there, but my friend was thinking about taking his, I think they are fine for doing lifts and crap but I dont know about...
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    airbumps, yes or no debate

    Ok I put Camburgs long travel suspension on my tacoma and they run it with airbumps most of the time but i didnt get them yet. My friend and i are debating wether or not they should be used. My point is that they would be useful for jumps and big bumps that would cause bottoming etc...
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    measuring wheel travel

    what is the best way to measure wheel travel? Im putting new a arms on my tacoma by camburg, They claim 13in of travel and im cycling mine and im almost to 12in and i havent even limited it. could i be measuring wrong? I am doing it buy measuring the top and bottom of the hub from the...
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    reinstalling a arms and balljoints?

    I am about to put a arms back on my tacoma but just curious how much should i tighten them? do i need to use a torque wrench? also for putting the balljoints back into the a arms do I just stick them in and thread the nut on? they were a bitch to get out and I was just wondering if they are...
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    a arms sleeves wont budge

    ok i got the balljoints out finally but now taking off the lower a arm, i got the bolts out but the sleeves they go into will not come out!!!! i got one out by hitting it with a hammer but the others will not even budge, do you guys understand what im asking and please any...
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    taking off balljoints? HELP

    ok so how do i get these damn things off? i was told i could probably tap the a arm and getem out and its just not working, Im just trying to take them off the upper arm of a tacoma, do i need a pickle fork? please help. thanks Brandon
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    Off-Road Expo?

    I imagine most of you have gone in years past but for me it will be my first year so im curious what to expect? its a 4hr drive for me im guessing from pismo but I would like to know what will be there besides tons of badass rigs, What kind of stuff will be for sale? also how long...
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    Rear suspension dilemma

    Well i want to do my rear suspension but it will be temporary, could be for a year or more though, eventually I want to ditch the bed for a full bedcage but for now need half decent rear suspension, I either want to run a shock hoop with a 14in + stroke 2.5, or run something...
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    Protrux at Laguna Seca?

    Does anyone know if they will be doing this again, ive seen clips in desert people and also last year my dad went to watch go kart races and they were doing it the same day and My dad met Ivan but didnt know who he was really, All i got was a lousy paper saying i need like 120grand for a...
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    to start fabricating?

    Ok well ive decided im really serious about having my truck built but dont want to pay giant sums of money for someone to do it. I want to starting fabricating for myself but not quite sure where to start, I thought about taking some classes at the local JC but the stuff I will learn doesnt...
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    hoop/spring question, help my ignorance

    Ok heres the deal, I have a toyota tacoma and i am having a rear shock hoop installed on it. This shock hoop is already on another truck but its going to be transplanted on to my truck. Anyways this hoop is setup running 14in stroke king shocks and stock length deaver springs. I am...