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    Question about setting up Mid Travel Rear End

    I have acquired a sandrail from a freind and I am beginning to set up the rear suspension. What I need to know is the following. The buggy is currently using a corvair rear torsion, which I am removing to swap over to a mid travel set up. My main quesiton is when I place the torsion into the...
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    4 seater long/ mid travel plans....

    figured atleast you could get the frame laid out, you jus thave to do the trig for the front end.
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    4 seater long/ mid travel plans....

    your more then welcome to use measurements off my car, i go pick it up in NM the day after christmas, its 110 inches long and is set up for a 4 seater, I will be modifing it myself, but anything to help someone out!!!! this is what it looks like, its a standard travel as of now, but Iam...
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    X bracing Chassis... PLEASE HELP

    that thought has crossed my mind as well, thanks bro!!!
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    Any Diesel gurus here? Cummins problem.

    another thing to think about is if the shop primed the turbo..... that turbo shaft and bearing goes from 65 degrees to 500-600 degrees in less then a minute lol if the mechanic just put the rebuild on and fired her up I bet that was the beginnign problem... on all the turbo cars i work on i...
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    Subaru behind 091?

    Ballisticmotors in Anaheim make killer 2.0-2.5 subie motors, i love outback and have several freinds running their set up but there price is what i cant handle, however ballistic will give you a set up 2.0 JDM (better then USDM) with a turbo, 220 horse on pump for 4300 and a 2.5 with turbo for...
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    X bracing Chassis... PLEASE HELP

    thanks guys!!! keep um comin lol, as for MH20, i thought about completely reduing the roll cage itself but I am not sure if i want to, but i do think it looks way better with that style roll cage then the old one, WHO knows lol time to go brainstorm
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    X bracing Chassis... PLEASE HELP

    The reason I want to stiffen up the chassis so much is the power will be atleast 300hp, with the long travel suspension iam also afraid i could break the frame because of the new stress it will incure with more travel and speed. all help is appreciated, the car is really designed to be a...
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    X bracing Chassis... PLEASE HELP

    K, so this year at glamis during thanksgiving, I was givin a buggy, yes, givin, A dear freind of mine got a new rail a year ago, and decided to give me his old buggy as a complete roller, all he wanted was the transmission and motor from his rail and he let me have the rest, well, its based as a 76...
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    Tundra STOCK fender flares?????

    are their wholes in the fenders for these? or can i take mine off and be just fine? I saw a few fenders for sale with holes in them, where the fender flares attach, and I am wondering if the bed is the same way? When i put fiberglass on the front, i plan on taking the stock fender flares off the...
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    Tundra Long Travel kits

    but would buying used be smart? i would think , it would be like buy someones head acke. Adam
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    1st of many questions

    why i said bypasses, and again how "we" or really "they" lol, (building my truck), run lower spring rates without the car always bottoming out, is they use the bypass adjustments to determine the rate of usably cylcing travel. the only thing i could see as a potential problem is a Whobbly Car...
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    Tundra Long Travel kits

    ....spindles? sounds expensive... LOL, i will probably not install which ever kit till summer, probably around august....who knows... i priced out a whole TC kit with GWU fenders and its only 4140.85 out the door at kartek, thats everything needed to install (SAW 2.5 with ressie's). didnt sound...
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    Tundra Long Travel kits

    So , i just moved up the ranks, bought a 2000 Tundra, Access Cab Sr5, White (cause fenders will match!!! LOl) anyways, number one question, seems like theres only two players in the game of front end performance for these rigs, Camburg, and TC, now i have dealt alot with TC, installed them on...
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    1st of many questions

    dude its a Samari!!!! lol, i think, it migh be time to really consider a real race shock like stated above,and if your going to keep springs, and not try a 4 link or something like that, get some bypasses, a tuned set of bypasses on a leaf sprung vehicle will be a night and day difference.... Adam
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    What Truck

    K... i have 10-12 K cash, Seriously, and want to buy a prerunner truck, I can get a F150.... a Tacoma. Or a Ranger.... I know Taco's go forever, I own one, and the F1's have good power... QUestion is... how many MPG does a F150 get and a Ranger? I need a economical truck for college, yet...
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    Cops and Off Road People

    now police officers have had a training course that allows cops to rightfully pull a suspect over because of racing decals, loud exhaust or anythign that would make them suspect that you had something illegal in the vehicle, I know this because my mom works for a certain southern california PD...
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    paddle tires?

    Kartek, SCU, any place can get tehm for you, moore offroad, MCkenzie's all over, you might have to settle for a play paddle tho