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    Looking for any pictures or info on this vintage Baja Bug

    I am starting to gather parts but I'm not sure which direction to go. If I could see what it used to look like that would be a great place to start. It has a plaque from a 1979 SCORE race at Riverside. I've searched pretty good through thousands of pictures but haven't found one yet. I'm hoping...
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    Looking for V2R competitor 8811 (I believe). THANK YOU!

    Hey guys! I think it was 8811 who stopped in the silt bed and helped save our car from burning to the ground! I was not doing so well from breathing in all the toxins (my pumper hose caught fire and forced all the burning plastic into my lungs) and I tried to make a point of it to remember...
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    I'm Chris Ridgway. I like to race stuff.