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  1. JenDiggityDirt

    CORR RESULTS AND NOTES - Sunday 6/10

    Howdy folks! We're here in beautiful Chula Vista at the new CORR track and I thought I'd pop in throughout the day with some results. The single buggy race just finished. A minor mishap on the first lap (car on the k-rail and some tangling) had officials call for a complete restart. It would...
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    We Love Corr - Hooray For Corr!

    Here are some notes from the CORR truck races today (sorry buggies) for those who couldn't be there: What an incredible race weekend at Chula Vista. I honestly cannot imagine racing being more exciting to watch than CORR is. If you weren't there you missed out HUGE. Every single race was...
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    Wicked Tickets

    I have literally spent hours on the phone and internet today trying to get three Wicked tickets for the OC Perf. Arts Center and haven't even been able to get through even once. There was a gentleman who was in the ticket business around here but I couldn't remember his screen name. If anyone...
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    LIVE Chat on Prerunners.Com ~ Tuesdays 7:30

    See you there!
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    Live CORR chat during all races Sat & Sun

    Hi - we'll be doing live chat during the CORR races today and tomorrow. Prerunners.Com - click Race Reports. Gotta go - single buggies are starting!
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    We're baaaaaack.
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    CORR - Live Updates All Weekend!

    We'll be hosting a live chat during the races this weekend. You can check it out at the following address: If someone wants to make it clicky, go for it. We'll also be posting some photos right here. The chat should start just a little...
  8. JenDiggityDirt

    Bye Bye ROR

    As much as it pains us, the time has come to close the ROR. There are many factors that were taken into consideration in making the decision to close the gates. D-Day has been canceled, but may be rescheduled at another venue. Thanks to everyone who has supported the ROR. We have a lot of very...
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    5th Annual Jump Championships - June 11th

    The 5th Annual United Prerunners Jump Championships are coming up this Saturday, June 11th, at the ROR. $1,000 prize to the farthest jump of the day overall, $500 to the farthest jump by a street legal truck, plus $100 to the winner in each class. We've got the usual prerunner classes (stock...
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    Raffle For Steve

    In an effort to raise money for Steve Kurtyka, Jamie & Jason (HighRev) and Greg & I are organizing a raffle. Tickets will be available for sale at the Jump Championships at the ROR June 11th and also at the July 16th ROR Dirt Wars event, with the drawing to happen after the event. Tickets will...
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    CORR Season Opener???

    All right, we're dying here! Does anyone have ANY results from the first race???
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    I bought this book tonight, titled THE 505 WEIRDEST ONLINE STORES. I was pretty surprised to see Off-Road.Com in there! Not the most flattering review - obviously the guy doesn't have a clue. Interesting, none the less!
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    Stadium Offroad Race in San Bernardino - May 7, 2005

    The Fabtech So Cal Offroad Grand Prix is just around the corner! We’re very excited about this event happening Saturday, May 7, 2005, at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino. We’ve got the Kartek Stadium Buggies and the Racer X stadium trucks that’ll be battling it out over...
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    Leadfoot Industries this Sunday

    Anyone going to the Leadfoot Industries BBQ this Sunday? Here's all the information (sorry if this is a repost - I didn't see it anywhere else): SUNDAY MARCH 13TH 11-4 @LEAFOOT INDUSTRIES 28860 OLD TOWN FRONT ST #B-3 TEMECULA CA 92590 951-694-1166 FROM CORONA 15 SOUTH TO 79...
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    PHOTOS-CORR racers testing at ROR

    This week we were really honored to have some very big names in CORR testing at the Rialto Offroad Raceway. Here are some photos of Johnny Greaves and his Potawatomi Pro-4.
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    Short Course Race THIS SATURDAY March5, 2005

    This Saturday at the Rialto Offroad Raceway is the season opener event with both wheel-to-wheel racing and time trials. This season the track is better than ever, nearly fifty feet wide in some sections. There are also some new challenges on the desert-style course that should make racing a...
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    Tuff Trucks in Indio Sat Night?

    Anyone going?
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    New Stuff on Prerunners.Com

    There are some updates to Prerunners.Com as of today, including all the info on our partnership with Curt LeDuc in the 5TH ANNUAL OFFROAD SWAPMEET. Check the site for details.
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    MDR Contingency Announcement

    Just a quick announcement letting everyone know that United Prerunners will be awarding one free pass to the March 20th event at the Rialto Offroad Raceway to every entrant (limit one per vehicle) at the Lucerne 250 race this weekend. We also are offering a $100 cash prize to the fastest overall...