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  1. Satmodo

    On Topic FREE Satellite Phones Rental

    Hey, guys just wanted to see how many of you would be interested in a free satellite phone rental for an upcoming race. Putting some potential marketing ideas in place and just wanted to take a poll! Look for our post in the next few days for more information on how to enter for a free rental...
  2. Satmodo

    On Topic Pre-Owned Iridium 9555

    SATMODO.COM Pre-Owned Kit for $899 & Free Shipping CALL 800-279-2366 SATMODO.COM Pre-Owned Kit for $899 & Free Shipping CALL 800-279-2366 WHAT’S IN THE BOX AC charger and DC travel charger International adapters Hands-free headset Leather case 5’ auxiliary antenna and adapter USB data...
  3. Satmodo

    Should you off-road in remote location without a Sat Phone

    With the Norra 1000 in the record books...The Baja 500 is around the corner and as we know time flies! Book your Sat Phones now. You can call us at 1-800-279-2366 or visit us at
  4. Satmodo

    Race Ready Iridium 9575 Extreme Satmodo satellite Phone Kit

    Iridium 9575 Extreme Sat Phone Kit includes: -Rechargeable Battery -Wall & Car Charger -Magnetic Antenna -Data Kit -Leather Case - Headset and International Plugs -Free Watertight Hard-case - 24/7 Live Support $50 Activation Fee, Plans Starting at $49.99/month or cll us at...
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    What does a Satmodo Race Ready Sat Phone Kit Include?

    Iridium 9555 and 9575 Race Ready Kits Available Call Satmodo Today at 800-279-2366
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    A little about Satmodo Satellite Phones; $25 Dollars Off

    We know how important is it to Keep you secure and connected. That's why Satmodo offers satellite phones for purchase or rental starting as low as $29.99 a week. Our equipment is powered by Iridium and Inmarsat, the largest, most reliable, and only worldwide carriers. We are available...
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    Satmodo Satellite Phones for Racing Season

    Sat Phones and Rentals race ready kits are available now. Call us if you have any questions at 800-279-2366. We have extensive knowledge fitting teams with Sat Phones, we welcome any questions! Below is a quick video about renting satellite phones! [video=[/video]
  8. Satmodo

    Last Minute Sat Phone Kits Still Available

    Just want to let everyone know that we offer racers discounts on all purchases, Call today at 800 279 2366 , Order till Tuesday to get your kit before the San Felipe
  9. Satmodo

    Race Season is back, Satmodo has learned about Racing Satellite Phone Experiences

    So were back to race reason and Satmodo is offering big discounts on Sat Phones and Rentals. Call us if you have any questions at 800-279-2366 We can't wait till the San Felipe!!! During the down season, we had the opportunity to ask different race teams about their experiences...
  10. Satmodo

    Race Ready Satellite Phone Kits/ Satmodo Sat Phones 101 Video Baja Ready :)

    My name is Robert, just wanted to let everyone know that Satmodo has race ready Satellite Phone kits (Rental or Purchase) specials for any racer. Call Mike at 619.238.0205 and for 24/7 support: 800-279-2366 or check out, Good luck to all the racers please call even if you only...
  11. Satmodo

    Hello, my name is Scott

    Hello, my name is Scott. My business partner Mike and I provide sat phone rental service for Baja racers and other off-road events through our company, We are both very excited to be new members of the Race Dezert community! Feel free to contact me with any sat phone related...