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  1. loufish

    Which type air fittings most common in desert racing?

    All my air stuff is Industrial....the other standard is what you pic shows as "Automotive" days not as much problem with all the cordless tools, however I still air up tires with a CO2 tank... The other examples you have shown are not popular anymore...
  2. loufish

    No CO2 in Los Angeles Area?

    No problem getting tanks here either but on site re-fills are the issue. But my 10lb mounted in my truck is half gone, and the other shop 20lb is dry. Not liking to buy two additional tanks... If I was heading to say Baja in a couple of days then might be the only way.
  3. loufish

    No CO2 in Los Angeles Area?

    Now you know why we switched over to the exchange 20lb tanks and got rid of the Powertanks. Well been running a CO2 system for many years and always had multiple gas shops to use for re-filling but the Crowvid crap has really messed up all sorts of things.. I actually called PT but the person...
  4. loufish

    No CO2 in Los Angeles Area?

    I've been looking for someplace to re-fill my CO2 tanks here in the Los Angeles are and best I could find was to exchange tanks. All this because of Coutus 19 as prior no problem they would re-fill while I wait. Since I own 2 Power Tank cyls I'm not exchanging any thing...Best I've found was a...
  5. loufish

    Customer Service Review - Pro Eagle

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but a lot of racers use their products.....My 2 ton big wheel blew the lift cyl seal, called P/E and spoke to Chuck, explained what happened and I asked if I could bring it down to them (I live Burbank, they're in Torrance) brought it down, he looked at it...
  6. loufish

    On Topic golf karts!!!

    The phrase people are looking for is "desert etiquette"...I like many started on bikes in the desert and got taught the etiquette by the old timers. Back in the early day no quads, no UTVs so hardly any "kooks"....but when the ATC's came out any idiot could ride, took no practice and seat time...
  7. loufish

    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    I agree 100% on the rear Deavers!...Why Ford choose to go with 2" blocks is beyond me. My very first dirt outing and the rear axle wrap drove me crazy! I went with a +3 to get rid of the blocks and run 2" longer SDHQ shackles to get back to OE ride height. The longer shackles seem to make the...
  8. loufish

    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    Forscan will get rid of the Stop/Start...and you will be able to make other convenient changes. Hard to believe dealers are still up to their old tricks....thought there were enough Raptors to go around eliminating the need for mark ups...
  9. loufish

    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    Ordered my Deavers +2 and then installed SDHQ 2" longer shackles..basically stock height. I also have a set of Camburg TIG welded stock length shackles standing by in case the back drops too much with my new 20' enclosed trailer used to haul my new Turbo 4S RZR. I really like the ride from the...
  10. loufish

    Video evidence of GM's Raptor Killer R&D from Michegan to Cabo and back!!

    I just knew it would happen....just knew Chevy would release a truck to kill my 18' Raptor.
  11. loufish


    Lets see....bought new 2019 Turbo 4S in Jan, have a whole three rides (160 miles total) and then it's been just sitting.....sitting......and hell yeah pencil me in for some Cal City adventures!
  12. loufish

    2019 B1K course marking video

    A big thanks to the Brenthel guys!......Long days and a lot of work....A long time ago I layed out a 35 mile course for a special run and I was whooped from getting in and out so much...remember thinking "and Sal Fish has been doing this for years?" :)
  13. loufish

    Rod Hall Legacy Celebration

    Wish I could make it (will be out of state) Always been a big fan of Rod Hall....
  14. loufish

    'Fastest Woman On Four Wheels' Jessi Combs Killed In Jet-Car Crash

    Bought a new steel table and needed an aluminum top...Today only is Manufactures Day and all metal sales at Industrial Metals are 20% off....but that not what this post is about.. Today IMS is recognizing Jessi and a portion of their sales today will be going to the Jessi Combs Foundation...I...
  15. loufish

    The Weatherman.... Last call for Jessi Combs

    That was the right thing to do....She earned all of it....
  16. loufish

    A long time gone...

    Man...don't get me it was we going....I loved that place and spent time there for NASCAR also....Here goes: My first time there period...Parnelli Jones was racing the Russell built Blazer(not BFG yet if I remember) it was white then..They had that land rush start into turn 6...Off the line...
  17. loufish

    Sacks 125

    Try Puch also......
  18. loufish

    Sacks 125

    Might want to check into the DKW....a long shot, but maybe...
  19. loufish

    Sacks 125

    yeah...go ahead and ask a question only some "ole" would know....:)
  20. loufish

    Sacks 125

    I think the Penton's did, or at least some did...