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  1. FullsizeFun

    Lost Dog in San Diego / Carlsbad

    My Buddy lost his Dog, Zita, on Friday the 22nd in Carlsbad. If you happen to see her please let me or him know. He lives in Clairmont so hopefully shes making her way home. Shes has a brown collar with all of his info. Thanks! Zita Last seen at the corner of Hemlock and Garfield Female...
  2. FullsizeFun

    Lost Dog near Hinkley CA

    Cross posting this from a hunting forum. Was out there near end of Hinkley Rd. by Opal Mountain and at about 11pm on Friday night my 8 month old lab mix ran off. Of course we scoured the hills, no luck. About 6 miles from those...
  3. FullsizeFun

    **missing hunter near barstow**

    Missing Hunter Near Barstow. They have called off the search, but still keep an eye out. If you see a Black 4dr Tacoma with handicap plates out there somewhere, call it in.
  4. FullsizeFun

    Hilborn injected Type 1 VW

    just bought a new engine for a killer price. it is a 2180 with fuel injection set up for alcohol. I plan on running gas, but i'm thinking the driveability of the fuel injection wont be too great. Its more of a drag racing thing. Does anyone have any experience with this injection? might sell...
  5. FullsizeFun

    Medium Duty Truck Motorhome Conversion

    I have a 1976 Ford F750 truck. I bought it from a friend that used to haul a backhoe on it with a beavertail bed. The bed is gone and it is just a cab and chassis. I would like to convert it to a Motorhome/ Toterhome on a budget. Looking at the new medium duty toterhomes, they are really nice...
  6. FullsizeFun

    CORR tickets?

    The CORR website just says coming soon when you click on the ticket section. They dont have a phone number in there contact section either. How do you get tickets? they are not on ticket master anymore.
  7. FullsizeFun

    99 GMC 1500 4wd problem

    I have a 99 Z71 and when i try to put it in 4wd the message comes up on the dash and says "service 4wd", not too helpfull. It gets stuck in 4wd and will only come out if i disconnect the battery. I normally dont ask questions like this without doing more investigating for myself, but i figured...
  8. FullsizeFun

    I bought a fixer upper w/ driveline issues

    I just picked up a 99 gmc 1500 4wd w/ 4l60e trans for cheap. here's the deal. the guy grenaded the rearend, he replaced the whole rearend with one from a newer model truck, but something else must have gotten damaged when the rearend went cuz it dont drive. he thought it was the Torque...
  9. FullsizeFun

    old school pic section

    What happened to the old school section in the pictures on RDC? there was a ton of good pics in there 1995 and earlier i think.
  10. FullsizeFun

    Superduty Race Trucks/ Chase trucks

    Anybody know of any Superduty race trucks or hardcore chase trucks? I know there was an excursion that was built to race, and heard that Donahoe might be building an f350. Looking for pics or info on anything you got. I may be building an '05 for somebody and I am doing some research. Thanks
  11. FullsizeFun

    9 inch ID tag

    Need to know what year car this is out of. It is out of a lincoln (not versailles). I know the ratio etc, just need the year. here is what it reads. I think it is a '77, but not sure. WGB-AB (MODEL) 7CE (YEAR?) 2 . 50 (RATIO) 9 (9") 461A (PLANT CODE?)
  12. FullsizeFun

    4" exhaust tubing

    4\" exhaust tubing Where can you get 4" Mandrel bent tubing? U-bends and or 90 degree bends? Thanks Dave
  13. FullsizeFun

    4L80E transmission Rebuiling

    Does anybody know of a good transmission shop in the LA/ South Bay area? The trans in my Dads dually just went out and I had a hard time with the shops I know of around here. Most of them dont want to touch the 4L80E trans. Thanx Dave
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    What happened to all the Avatars?
  15. FullsizeFun

    Shortening Air bumps

    I have a pair of fox 4" air bumps. I need to shorten them to 3". Do they offer shorter shafts or do I just machine mine down. and how is the aluminum tip attached to the shaft? is it threaded? I haven't taken them apart yet. Thanks
  16. FullsizeFun

    Ranger wheel studs

    Are the wheel studs on a mid 90's ranger standard 1/2-20 or are they metric 12mm or 14mm.
  17. FullsizeFun

    4-Link CAD program

    Has anybody used this before? It seems like a good program that does a lot of the math for you. It uses Excel. I use MasterCam to design my 4link and figure for pinion angles and driveshaft plunge. but this gives you all the other stuff like anti-squat, roll-axis, roll-center, etc. Use this with...
  18. FullsizeFun

    Bus flanges/ Bug trans

    will stock bus drive flanges fit on a bug trans? are the splines the same? Or do I have to Modify the two of them to make it work?
  19. FullsizeFun

    5-1600 Torsion bars

    What torsion bars work good in a typical 5-1600 car? front and rear.
  20. FullsizeFun

    MDR rules

    I looked on the MDR website for the rules and they dont show it. I have a score rule book, but I want to know the rules for the sportsman and street legal classes.