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  1. AZracefan

    2013 Dirtsports driver of the year??

    any thoughts??
  2. AZracefan

    2012 Dirtsports Driver of the Year??

    So when will the DOY be revealed?? Haven't heard anything yet, any clue?
  3. AZracefan

    Cool JJ off-road commercial!

    hopefully more noticed. I was watching nascar top 10 on fox, during commercial break showed Johnson in his winning ways back n his old off road road days! showed racing old chevy in stadium and dirt bikes! Alot more air time than Daytona commercial. Hate him or like him! Im not at big JJ fan...
  4. AZracefan

    If Jimmie Johnson were to....

    Ive noticed that some of our off-road stars, now NASCAR stars have returned, (when allowed) to the desert for some off-road racing in the recent past. The likes as of: Lofton, Gaughn, Said and of course RG, been some years now, but Ickler as well. Whom all seem to still be sharp in there...
  5. AZracefan

    Who'S Winning @ Parker??

    Well less than 2 weeks away! who's it gonna be??? TT 76 Jones(Overall) Herbst and Gordon up there as well. tough class to call though! 1500 1598 Daniel over Hovey. 1000 Beard 8100 Merritt BTW! What will 1521 John Marking be driving??? Has him as Unknown.
  6. AZracefan

    Bj baldwin & bitd???

    Since Bj is leading BITD Trick Truck points and is a regular at the upcoming Vegas to Reno, brings me to ask the question, will BJ finish the rest of the season with BITD and go for another championship?????
  7. AZracefan

    Short Course guy, Whelchel?

    Does Jerry have any plans racing short course this year? LOORS, TORC?? CHM, Porter???? Seems CHM is having problems running the TT this season and I have no clue what the deal is with Porter#2. I remember the son was racing it in the AZ series. I know Jerry had a mishap with LOORS, but was only...
  8. AZracefan

    downtown PARKER EXPERIENCE???

    What did you all think about it? what would you like to see different? what would make it better?? I loved it!! great times!!!
  9. AZracefan

    So WHO's gonna WIN @ PARKER??

    Judging from a strong entry list, should be a great race at Parker. Large amount of TT's, 1500's, 1000's and 7200's. So who's gonna come out on top?? MY Picks- TT-Troy Herbst(Overall!) 1500-Boyle/Brant 1000-Lawrence 8100-A Parker entry... With two weeks still to go Im sure will see...
  10. AZracefan

    PARKER 425 Thursday Event

    I heard the upcoming Parker 425 is suppose to have some kind of car wash in downtown Parker after Thursday's Qualifying. I was curious to know, if anyone knew exactly how that event was gonna work? Is there a set time for the event? As for the car wash, will the fans be helping out? Will All...
  11. AZracefan

    LucasOil, who gets the #1 plates??

    With Lucas running the show now and CORR stepping down, not to sure about WSORR. Will any champions last year get wear the there respective #1 plates. Since Lucas oil sponsored WSORR last year, will those guys be elgible to race there plates? Or will ALL teams be running there original team...
  12. AZracefan

    Parker Pre Run? How was it??

    So who showed up?? How many?? Anything new to the course? Anything???
  13. AZracefan

    2008 Best Finishes!

    This year had some great races and great finishes. Some racers dominated races and some only by seconds. Which gets me to ask what do you think was the best finish in 2008? I gotta go with the Baja 500. The battle between BJ and Rob Mac was amazing. And in the end BJ came on top by only 7...
  14. AZracefan

    How hard is it to.....

    Clean up after yourself! I caught this on the BITD site and it looks like this year Casey ain't playing around. I heard in the past the trash issue was bad, but I didn't think it was this bad. He's even mentioned prohibiting marking your own pits with tape and I know marking your pits in the...
  15. AZracefan

    Who's gonna Overall @ Henderson?

    So who's it gonna be at the BITD finale? Im picking #40
  16. AZracefan

    Chula or Henderson for Whelchel?

    Considering the fact both final races for BITD and CORR are on that same weekend. Can we expext to see Jerry Whelchel at both races? I would think that the Henderson race would be a bit more important to the team seen there second in Trick Truck by only TWO points. As for Jerry in Pro2...
  17. AZracefan

    Championship or Winning?

    What satisfies a driver/team more earning a championship or winning races? From the past it seems many teams stick with one series in search of a championship while others give a try at selected races in search of winning those specific races. We all know every series has the one race everyone...
  18. AZracefan

    Anymore desert races for Renezeder?

    Will we see Renezeder at anymore desert races in the future? I was wondering, why Renezeder got a new trophy truck back in 06 and seems he only chooses to run the truck at Laughlin. He does seem to run strong there, but where else does he plan to race his truck. Will he be back with Post & Mac...
  19. AZracefan

    How soon for Terrible Herbst?

    With one remainding race on the SCORE schedule, can we expect to see Terrible Herbst at the 1000? We know some factors keeping them out of the desert are; more concentration on CORR this year and business matters, which were hurting them. What about the new trucks? Are the new trucks not...
  20. AZracefan

    CORR Qualifying Points

    We all know that qualifying is great way to fight for the pole, but what about earning points for qualifying? I was scrolling down the season points and noticed that some drivers due benefit from it, but many don't. It seems like the fastest qualifiers are the same( top 5 in points) and even...