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    Isenhouer Brothers Vegas 2 Reno 2021

    Our 2021 Vegas to Reno in one post… . Wednesday was qualifying. I had Garrett Stone ride with me since he had just gone around the course. We put down a pretty solid lap with only one real bobble and landed us in the number three 6100 spot for Friday’s race. Thursday was tech/contingency and...
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    Isenhouer KOH2021 Video

    A little late but it’s something! Had a killer time at KOH this year! Will be back next year for sure. Finished 7th 6100 12th OA with a few hiccups on track but nothing major. Just need to drive faster next time! haha Video put together by Brennan Towle (at the bottom) photos by Garrett Spicer.
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    Isenhouer Brothers RATR video

    Thanks to PRP seats, perplexed media put together this video of my brother Chris and I's road to Rage at the River from a few weeks ago. We got to show a little bit of our day to day and some history on our family's racing history. This year will be our tenth year in desert racing with no signs...
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    2014 Competition1400Series schedule

    Competition 1400 in 2014 is taking what we've learned in 2013 and further extending our support to the racers. our schedule is compiled to support weather you want to race the MORE series or SNORE series. we're giving 100% of what you give us, back. no 20% stake in your money. there will be...
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    BDM/Isenhouer Brothers BATTLE at primm **video**

    Here is a little video recap of our weekend in PRIMM let me know what you think!! Thanks, DOWNSOUTH motorsports Competetive metals REPLAYxd ICS Dirt Alliance Competition Driveline Damaged Goods
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    Test footage from this last weekend...

    Both the BRO-DOZER M/S ISENHOUER BROTHERS RACING trucks are prepped, tested and ready for battle at the first Competition1400series race at BAP!!! Here is some footage from plaster this past Sunday!! See ya in PRIMM!!!!
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    april 17th paying with AUTHORITY ZERO at soma SD

    come after the DRIVE race!!!!! super stoked!!!! come check it out. or search it on facebook!!!
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    congrats DAD!!! 1st 1450 win for the BDM crew

    so stoked for my dad pulled off a flawless run this weekend, the truck was perfect the course was awesome, and the field was stacked, and he pulled it off. Only took us two and a half seasons but finally pulled off a 1st place!!! couldn't have done it with out the PRD guys and Q-racing. looking...
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    yup should be a good one down at soma its about a month away but i thought i would get the ball rollin!!
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    my band made it to itunes

    pretty stoked worked really hard on this album hope you guys dig it, i know some wont but to each their own. itunes search: The Skank Agents
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    hello from BDM

    hey my name is nick isenhouer and between my little brother chris and my dad bill we have built our f100 to race 1450 we are open for any business for fab work nice to meet you all