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    Here is my 1974 F-100 SUPERCAB I picked up that I am going to start picking away at and building.. Enjoy progress when I can.
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    Rihanna F150

    Project f-150 I just picked up.. Project started back in 2009 by Johnny owner of Richer Racing for his own personal race truck but over the year he lost interest in it and after a few change of hands I have ended up with it..
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    1969 f-100

    Picked up my new Norra race truck
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    Hms silver state winner

    Congrats to Adam Housholder and my brother Russell Hampton and team on their first Trophy Truck class WIN at this years Silver State race..
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    183 ratr incar

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    Ratr video

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    Some old footage i had
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    Congrats to Terry and Adam Householder & Russell and Chris co-drivers and the whole #24 Trophy Truck crew on this years 2010 Baja 1000 finish..
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    Bee hive

    Fundraiser for the family's and victims of the California 200 tragedy Time Saturday at 12:00pm - Sunday at 1:30am ________________________________________ Location The Bee Hive Sports Bar 6431 Edinger Avenue Huntington Beach, CA ________________________________________ More Info...
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    Sean in Barstow

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    Penhall testing video

    Took the car out after a full tear down prep to do a little shake down run..
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    Mint 400 class 7

    Congrats to Charles & Rob Anderson & all of the Dezert Nation crew on the class 7 win..
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    George Rosenbaum and Anonymous Dirtwerks have partnered up to build one of the best Ford rangers to date.. Here are a few pictures of the build up.. Look for this master piece in metal in the start line of the Mint 400 TT#41
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    Project 1973 f-250

    My buddy Aaron boss is building his own personal truck over at Anonymous..
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    Any One

    Who would be interested in doing a old school meet up at the original farmer boy where Greg in Jen use to do them for Inland Prerunner??
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    HI I am Eric