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  1. FullsizeFun

    Some photos from the STORR Mexican Independence 300

    Good stuff. I need to get out to some Texas events. I've been out of the racing loop since I moved here from CA
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    Where did my ad go?

    Curtis, I Just sent an email
  3. FullsizeFun

    Where did my ad go?

    I have been having this issue since Feb 2012 with all of my "premium" ads. Still not fixed huh? Just tried posting an ad that was premium from the beginning (not free, then upgrade later) and got nothing. No email conf.
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    Lost Dog in San Diego / Carlsbad

    She was found dead this morning. She never left the property she was last seen, she was actually in the Garage where she chased a rat. She chewed through an electrical wire trying to get to the rat and got electrocuted. She died doing what she loved... HUNTING. That's the only way to lose a...
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    Lost Dog in San Diego / Carlsbad

    I told my buddy to post it on craigslist and also
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    Lost Dog in San Diego / Carlsbad

    My Buddy lost his Dog, Zita, on Friday the 22nd in Carlsbad. If you happen to see her please let me or him know. He lives in Clairmont so hopefully shes making her way home. Shes has a brown collar with all of his info. Thanks! Zita Last seen at the corner of Hemlock and Garfield Female...
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    Lost Dog near Hinkley CA

    ***update - he's been found and is back with his owner***
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    Lost Dog near Hinkley CA

    Cross posting this from a hunting forum. Was out there near end of Hinkley Rd. by Opal Mountain and at about 11pm on Friday night my 8 month old lab mix ran off. Of course we scoured the hills, no luck. About 6 miles from those...
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    **missing hunter near barstow**

    Missing Hunter Near Barstow. They have called off the search, but still keep an eye out. If you see a Black 4dr Tacoma with handicap plates out there somewhere, call it in.
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    havent heard anything on 301x, I guess no news is good news
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    5 lug Pro-Am hub is not too specific, but I'm gonna made an educated guess and say its a 934 Mid board floater hub for the rear of the jimco class 1. Although this will be the first failure I've heard of. Dont know any details though....
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    I had to close it once and re-open it. It lost the connection or something
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    I have been out of the rdc loop for a while, I cant find a link to the live tracking. Do they have it this year?
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    OFFICIAL Baja 500 Update thread.

    Damn I wish they would get a # for the bike in incident #5
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    CV's & axles-Swept back or not?

    If you set up the cv's to be in line at full droop and have no forward or backward angle, this maximizes your droop, but will give you angle at ride height. More Angle at ride height creates more heat, robs power, and is harder on cv's and boots. If you set it up to be in line at ride height...
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    Class 1 Pro-Am Brake bleeding questions

    Also, what pads are you running? What color is the steel backing of the pads, black or gold?
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    Rally Roadbook Navigation Training - DVR

    Looking good Scott! I would love to tag along just to log some miles. I dont plan on racing Dakar, but would love the experience. What kind of Fuel range is needed for this ride? Do you have a set date yet?
  18. FullsizeFun

    crf 450 desert milage

    Banking on 60 max miles for V2R is cutting it close. Check the distance between pits and work on your pit strategy. When you are PINNED in 2nd gear plowing through the silt, you are not getting the greatest mileage
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    What kid of antisquat do the IRS suspensions have?

    Squat/anti-squat does not apply in an IRS car. The only "squat" that exists is purely due to weight transfer from acceleration. The length and front pivot height of your trailing arm along with springrate can effect this. In IRS setups the diff is mounted solid in the chassis. there is no...
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    Ackerman angle