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  1. Kritter

    Cohabuzo Access off HWY 5

    Whats the straightest route/kilometer to get to cahabuzo from HWY 5 without going backwards on course? Silt, sand, whoops, rocks...not of concern. Mud...major concern if car crippling type mud. GPS file would be great. Thanks
  2. Kritter

    Dual Sport Route

    Anybody got a fun route from Cleghorn to bigbear hitting arrowhead in the middle? GPS would be preferred but trail numbers work too.
  3. Kritter

    John Langley / Cops Racing

    Not sure if this was posted already but he will be getting a star on the Walk of Fame Friday in front of Musso and Frank Grill. Pretty cool and probably first for offroad racing.
  4. Kritter

    whats the shannon campbell/weyrich story

    Mark had some choice words at the finish line about shannon being banned from offroad racing. Let's hear both sides.
  5. Kritter

    9" pinion offset

    Is it normal to offset the whole housing so the pinion is in line without output shaft or is the 2 or so inch offset ok? I have a cone/track9 housing going in my bronco and have not welded the snouts on yet so I would like to figure this out before going further.
  6. Kritter

    Co-worker's mom and girlfriend kidnapped in Mexico

    His girlfreind and mom hopped a cab to there house and en route the cab driver picked up cell phone and started talking to somebody on the other end telling them she has them and it will be $1000 ea. when the two realized what was going on they tried to jump out but the doors were inoperable...
  7. Kritter

    Stolen Bike

    walked into Albertsons to get some raisins...walked out and my badass grocery getter was gone. Anybody who deosnt know what a swobo folsom is....its a 26" cruiser with disc brakes, flat grey almost primer looking paint. Most bad ass grocery getter ever. It was stolen from San Dimas...
  8. Kritter

    Trophy kart and SXS forum

    I know PJC brought this up a while back and it was shot down but now in the short course forum it seems most of the threads are about rhino racing or tk racing...nothing about real short course racing. How about we leave the short course racing and add a SXS and TK racing forum that way those of...
  9. Kritter

    Blistein 7100 Shim ID and OD's

    Anybody know the ID of 7100 shims? Also what are the standard OD's of the shims?
  10. Kritter

    2 rooms for fiesta needed BITD race

    I screwed up 2 of our room reservations and now am 2 rooms short...if anybody has 2 extra please PM me. Looking for at least fri/sat. Please PM me contact info. Thanks
  11. Kritter

    Congrats to Jon Krellwitz & Darren Skilton

    Congrats on the class 3 win and taking 19th OA at this years Baja 1000. Pretty impressive run and I was glad to chase you guys around baja. Looks like the class 3's need to start a bit further forward in the lineup.
  12. Kritter

    Fiesta room codes for Fabtech BITD race?

    anybody got the code?
  13. Kritter

    CORR vehicle weights @ tech

    Are they posted anywhere? Pre race weights at tech. PL, P2, P4
  14. Kritter

    Chula Vista Room needed for this weekend

    got it handled
  15. Kritter

    Looking for footage of...

    I need some wheel well angle action footage of race cars. front end, rear end, trailing arm, beam cars, a arms, whatever you got online and easily accesible. Trying to show some people how offroad suspension really works and I cant seem to find much good footage.
  16. Kritter

    Foutz FMI Dirt Logics Stolen

    If any 4.0 custom bypass shocks are seen for sale anywhere please notify me. Shocks are easily identifiable and look nothing similar to anything on the market.
  17. Kritter

    No Fuel Injection or Seq Trannies on Pro 4?

    CORR really screwed the pooch on that call. I guess the Baldwin camp cant handle Rick and Johnny running the fastest laps. I bet it feels like deja vu for Huseman looking back to his pro lite days of his "too fast" esslinger.
  18. Kritter

    Anybody upgrading from a dcel to an R3?

    If so and you want to get rid of a large dcel in good condition, let me know.
  19. Kritter

    Best way to Texas 10 or 40?

    Debating on which way to go...anybody with some experience want to shed some light?