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  1. JD Durfey

    2010 Baja 1000....La Paz / Cabo Finish???

    I would like to know too, we are planning on racing it.
  2. JD Durfey

    How would you feel

    Back in 02 I raced my bike in a SNORE/Whiplash co-sanctioned event at Laughlin. We raced right across the road from the AVI Hotel and Casino south of town. It was like a 32 mile loop if I remember. It was a fun race. It was super rough on the bike, but it had a nice mix of flat whoops...
  3. JD Durfey

    greg foutz now trying to block my trucks from racing the SNORE race.......WTF?

    DUDE, if you are going to write in Spanish, or attempt to, you should at least learn to spell!!!!! Your Spanish sucks!!! I am a white boy and I speak and write better Spanish than you do!! It is spelled "QUE" not "KE" you are retarded. Ok, hi-jack over now back to the regularly...
  4. JD Durfey

    Sweetwater 200

    I saw that it looks like they hold motorcycle races out there too. Does anyone know who holds those and when? I would be interested it racing my bike there it was such cool terrain. The views were spectacular, and the vegetation makes it way better than racing through cactus.
  5. JD Durfey

    Sweetwater 200

    What a great course you guys put together. For all you who missed it, the race today was perfect!!!! NO DUST!! Only a little mud, most of which was avoidable. The scenery was great. Dodging a herd of Texas Longhorns, several deer, an antelope, and buffalo was great. Oh, and did I mention...
  6. JD Durfey

    Sweetwater 200

    Hooters Desert Racing will be there!
  7. JD Durfey

    Baja Designs air jack

    That is a cool jack, How much can it lift?
  8. JD Durfey

    ### RIP Gene DEMPSEY ###

    I was hanging out at Borego Crossing during the 05 Baja 1000, when I met Gene. I had just ridden the "summit" and my buddy Eric Brown and I were hanging out watching the trophy trucks go by. Eric was going to ride Mike's and I was going to get back on the bike in Uruapan for the finish. There...
  9. JD Durfey

    WOR Snowflake?

    There isn't anyway to get there without going on the course for at least a little way. I would look at google earth and decide which way to go. I have ridden a lot of those roads out there, but I can't explain how to get there the best way.
  10. JD Durfey

    Pocono on Monday

    What sponsors??? He has no major sponsor on his car! I would think that would help him keep his attitude in check, but nope. He always thinks everyone is out to wreck him. The first hit looked like an accident. RG then went and hit Stremme during the caution, how stupid is that. RG and...
  11. JD Durfey

    WOR Snowflake?

    It is the only WOR race that I would do. I have raced it a number of times. In fact it was my first desert race back in 01. Very fast and fun course on bikes. I would like to do it in a car sometime.
  12. JD Durfey

    Jesse James on spike baja 500

    Curt, have you ever been on a TV show??? I have, in fact it was produced by the same company that has produced some of JJ's shows, and the show I was on sucked in the end, cuz it was ruined in the editing room. The producers got involved and tried to make it all dramatical and in the end...
  13. JD Durfey

    Jesse James on spike baja 500

    I was working on a bulldozer on a ranch in the middle of Texas on Monday, when a rancher came up to me and asked if I had seen the show. Unfortunately I missed it, but he was amazed at the off-road racing. He knew that I was into it, and now he is a fan as well. I think that it is great that...
  14. JD Durfey

    Weatherman's continuing not so super duty saga

    Probably still easier to work on than the new 6.4. The "tight squeeze" is due to the 5.9 being a longer engine than the old 6.5 that was in his truck. But other than some wiring to work out for the gauges and not being able to fit an intercooler it is going to be a pretty easy swap.
  15. JD Durfey

    Weatherman's continuing not so super duty saga

    I own 3 Dodge Cummins 4X4 trucks a 92 auto, 95 5 speed, and an 02 6 speed. I love them all. Yes the truck falls apart and isn't the most user friendly like the bad cab design. However, I will adjust my style for the fact that I don't ever have to worry about my trucks breaking anything...
  16. JD Durfey

    Texas Shamrock 200/Erick Ok race - New Dates

    glad to help. If you get your fuel cell vented a little better you will be able to fill up a lot faster. So did you have a cracked oil pan? or what was the drip that I saw?
  17. JD Durfey

    best prerunner to build?

    I purchased a 91 Ford F-150 Twin Traction Beam this last summer for $500. I wanted a 92 to 95 model, but for the price I couldn't pass it up. It doesn't even run, and is in rough shape, without any rust, but I don't care. I plan on making it a pre-runner. I plan on 4-linking the rear right...
  18. JD Durfey

    baja 500 recomendations

    I hear they have lots of rooms still available at the "motel" behind Anthony's Disco Bar. Just Kidding. I agree that the coast is a good place to watch the race. You could hit two places to watch the action if you go down Highway 3.
  19. JD Durfey

    Baja 500 preerun photosplus childress going for the over all win

    Somebody needs to tell the Mastercraft boys that there are no trophies given out to the winners of pre-running. That is why it is called "pre-running" instead of "pre-racing" Hope no one was hurt. Nice pics, wish I was going down.
  20. JD Durfey

    Hey Jesse, I can't wait to see your show tonight. I heard your interview on Howard Stern and I have a greater understanding of where you come from and I have gained a lot more respect for you and what you have accomplished in life. WOW!!! now that just sounded gay!! but oh well.