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    Who else despises cell phone carriers?

    Over the past 10-15 years cell phones have become a way of life but I feel like the carriers are some of the most deceiving companies in business these days. I switched from Cingular to T-Mobile after repeated misinformation and lies from the CSR's at Cingular and now I feel as though T-Mobile...
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    Members Missing In Action

    Over past couple of years I haven't been frequenting the boards as often as I once use to. As of late I've made it a point to attempt to keep up to date with what's going on in the desert racing world. Since I've checked back in, I've noticed that some of the "veteran (original) members" have...
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    Anyone Missing a white Crewcab Superduty and Ford Racetruck?

    I have no reason to believe that its stolen but there is a V8 Ford Ranger or F150 truck parked in the back of an industrial park in La Mirada. I just wanted to send out a heads up incase someone might be missing their race truck and crewcab. The race truck has I-Beams up front, 4-Link rear...
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    Stock production classes

    Just curious as to everyone's thoughts on the pure stock production classes (7300, 8100, 3100, 4100). It seems like the classes would be a lot of fun to race in. What kind of yearly budget are you looking at to be competitive. Of that, where does most of it go? Any other feedback is appreciated.
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    MORE Holiday 200 in Barstow this weekend

    Who's planning on racing or watching?
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    Poster Printing

    I was wondering where the various companies/teams go to get their posters printed. I am looking to have some posters made for the sponsors of my senior project at school. Any idea on pricing for a 11"x17" poster? I'm looking to buy approx. 50. Maybe it's cheaper to have photos printed...
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    2004 Cal Poly Pomona Mini Baja Vehicle

    A few guys on the board have asked me to post pictures and updates of the car. Sorry for the delay but we only had a couple guys working on the car so I didn't have much extra time to frequent RDC. Now that the season (and graduation) are done and I have my life back, I decided that I should...
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    Disgruntled Cingular Customer

    I just wanted to take a second share my experiences with Cingular Wireless (and vent). Basically I just received a $350 bill from them due to a bunch of roaming charges. I was charged for roaming in Washugal, Washington (just north of the Oregon border) even though my plan covers Washington...
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    Looking for aluminum trailer fenders in So Cal.

    I'm trying to find a wide, aluminum set of trailer fenders that we can quickly throw on our Mini Baja car for the East competition where the vehicle has to become anphibious. I have found some companies online but I would like to be testing in the next day or two so I can't wait for them to be...
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    Looking for a small CV

    I was planning on running the Axle assembly out for a polaris sportsman 700 for our baja car but I'm a little worried about the outer CV interfereing with the lower arm as the suspension drops out so I'm trying to come up with a back up plan. I'm looking for a CV that has a fairly small OD...
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    IRS Caster Settings

    How much caster is generally designed into the rear suspension of a SLA design? I looked through a few suspension books and found very little information on road racing cars and no information on off road cars. Thanks, Matt
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    Bead Rolled Pannels

    I'm trying to show a friend how nice bead rolled pannels look but I'm having trouble finding good pictures. I looked through the skunkz articles but didn't come up with much. If you have any can you please post them, their link or email them to me? Thanks, Matt
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    Free 1yr subscription to Salt Water Sportsman

    I know there's a few fisherman on the board so I thought some of you guys might be interested. Hopefully they don't send alot of junk mail but I guess I'll have to wait to see. Click Here Matt
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    Looking for an 1.25" Tube Mandrel

    Looking for an 1.25\" Tube Mandrel I'm trying to bend a few 1.25" .035 and .049" tubes for our Mini Baja car this year and I having trouble keeping the tubes from kinking. If you or your company might be interested in helping us out by bending a couple of tubes please PM me. In return you...
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    High misallignment spacers

    I'm looking for a 5/16" high misallignment spacer for a 1/2" rod end. I've looked at websites for various rod end manufacture's as well as distributors and haven't been able to come up with one. Anyone have any ideas? I'm also looking for a full sheet (or equivalent) of .063" 4130 if anyone has...
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    Looking for a good ATV and/or motorcycle junkard

    Does anyone know where a good one is located in so cal? I've been able to find quite a few motorcycle junkyards but not much for ATV's. If I remember correctly there is one off of the 15 out by Lucerne but I'm not sure how good their selection is. Thanks, Matt
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    Miller Auto Dark Helmets

    I'm thinking about getting one (the millermatic "limited edition" ugly one) and am looking for input. The guy at the welding supply said they have been getting quite a few back because the lenses are failing. I almost went with the speedglas brand but they want $260+ for helmets with a...
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    Free 9-11 Documentary DVD "Up From Zero"

    Free 9-11 Documentary DVD \"Up From Zero\" If anyone is interested here is the link: DVD
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    I need Modulus of Toughness Data

    I need modulus of toughness data on some of the following materials: 1020 CD 4130N 6061-T6 1010 HR I've searched , and a few other sites and have had no luck. Any ideas where to find this info? Thanks, Matt
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    looking for pic of Laughlin Baldwin Crash

    I'm looking for a picture of the baldwin crash in the infield at the 2002 Laughlin race if anyone has it saved to their computer. I need it for a report that I'm writing for a class. Thanks, Matt