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  1. handmethemic

    Crandon is here!

    What are you most excited for? RJ's return? Leduc's rebound after Antigo? Hester still seeking career win #100?
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    It is now the year 2021...

    So what's being churned up by the rumor mill? I know there are a couple new pro truck class entries here in Champ Off-Road (one moving from UTV, another from a sportsman truck class), but what else is out there? Which "out west" guys and gals are planning on coming east all summer?
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    Looking for older TORC live streams (not TV)

    Hi y'all. I'm looking for TORC web streams from 2010 and 2011 (and 2009 Crandon). These were years I was on the microphone, and I'd like to get my hands on some of that. Thanks.
  4. handmethemic

    MORR Formula 4x4 Discussion

    Posting this here per Milan's request. RHM thread is here. Started as a discussion on Facebook:
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    TORC @ Sturgis

    No news/gossip/update/speculation thread for this yet, so... ready, go! Justin Keehner is sporting a Harley-esque paint job on his PRO 2WD:
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    Lost an on-board during Bark River--then this happened...

    The truck at the end is the same truck the camera was mounted on... Enjoy.
  7. handmethemic

    Keehner Motorsports / Team Orange Web Series

    A web series about Justin and Gatlin Keehner, two rookies in TORC. Become a fan at to stay updated all year.
  8. handmethemic

    It Takes a Community - Crandon Volunteer Documentary

    Replacement String: Documentary by Derek Dehart of 3DCS Video about the spirit of Crandon's race effort--its volunteers.
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    Super/Unlimited Buggy Spindles

    Hey everyone, hope I'm barking up the right tree here. I'm looking for information (or better yet, a connection to someone who is an expert) on short-course Super/Unlimited Buggy front suspension design. We've picked up a used car that we'll be racing in TORC, and we're gonna convert it...
  10. handmethemic

    Fans' Choice Driver of the Year

    Had a discussion about this with Steve Naughton the other day. Who is the real short course driver of the year (with no regard to series)? Rob MacCachren (10 wins, one points championship, one points runner-up) Rick Huseman (15 wins, one points championship, one points runner-up)...
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    Coolest Day Ever

    So I was kickin' it at Crandon International, where I work full time cutting grass and things like that. Robby Gordon was there testing (too late to catch him now, he's out of town as of tonight...) his Pro-2WD but I was largely uninterested. I looked up from the piece of trim I was painting...
  12. handmethemic

    Keith Steele

    Eight straight wins, clinched the championship with one weekend to go in SRT Limited 2WD. Props to Keith and his crew: J, Howie, Allan, George, Jim, Izzy and Max. Put it in your history books, kids. First points championship in the existence of TORC goes to Keith Steele. Keep an eye on...
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    NORRS Announces Midwest Stops in 2009

    For Immediate Release: Riverside, CA (Aug 7, 2009), The National off Road Racing Series is proud to announce that it will be holding racing events in Wisconsin in 2009. "We received many requests from drivers in the Mid-West who really wanted a NORRS event to arrive quicker than we originally...
  14. handmethemic

    Keith Steele SRT Limited 2WD / Video

    Keith Steele has been putting a beatdown on the rest of the TORC SRT Limited 2WD field. Six for six this year, 14 of 18 since the beginning of '08. Add to that his six top ten finishes in six Pro 2WD starts, including a sixth in Crandon with the limited motor. Here's a video showing Keith on...
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    Need contact with Amsoil Kumho super fans!

    Calling any member of the Amsoil Kumho Super Fans, I need to speak with one of you soon. (Don't worry, nobody's in trouble.) Call me at 715.889.5656. Thanks and have a terrific day.
  16. handmethemic

    Team 3DCS is born!

    phone: Derek Dehart 715.889.3498 / Cheyne Statezny 715.889.5656 email: / site: April 4, 2009 Team 3DCS is Born! After strong, successful beginnings halfway through 2008, 3DCS Video is preparing to start the 2009 TORC race season with a full head of steam...
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    PDG Site is Live!

    Some of the pages are "coming soon".
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    3DCS Video

    The 2009 Season is approaching quickly and it's high time we hit the marketing trail. We're going to be working a lot harder on videos this year, and we're more than ready to create a high-power marketing tool for your team. Remember, we have two HD cameras for double the angles, plus an in-car...
  19. handmethemic

    Keith Steele 2008 Season Highlights You know how we do. Another short film showcasing WSORR 2008 Super Truck Points Champion and World Champion Keith Steele. Featuring footage from all stops of Tour 2008. Video by Izzy Steele, produced by...
  20. handmethemic

    Ron Schreiner 2008 Year in Review Video

    3DCS Video's latest creation: . Highlights from Bark River II and Crandon II. Remember to watch in HD. Remember we'll be back and better than ever in '09: two full time cameras in HD and an in-car camera...