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  1. slim01

    Best bike for Baja 1000

    @JDDurfey just read your B2K ride report, sounds like an epic trip!
  2. slim01

    Limit the amount of riders per team @ SCORE?

    I really don't know how you could get any satisfaction competing in a race with 5 other riders in your team. Its no longer an endurance race for 1 or 2 riders but now up to 6 individual sprints in one race. I was expecting a more animated reply from Tim ............. ;)
  3. slim01

    Sprocket Gearing?

    I wouldn't focus too much on your highest top-end speed, once you hit the tight stuff or the whoops your average speed will be decided. Suspension and fitness will make more of a difference in my opinion. Once you get tired or fatigued you wont be able to hold the throttle wide anyway, and if...
  4. slim01

    GPS Setup

    You sound a bit similar to me when I was planning to do these races. I did the B1K first and then V2R the year afterwards. Unless things have changed since I did V2R in 2015 you will not be needing a GPS. The course was sign posted very well in regards to speed restrictions for road crossings...
  5. slim01

    Best 450x suspension set up guy.

    Both races, (V2R & B1K) had PC suspension. The bike rode like a dream both times. I would highly recommend them and have considered sending my suspension to them from here in Aus.
  6. slim01

    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    2014 B1K Scoobie: Coco. Bouht a drink from Coco while I was looking around thinking it was a lemonade, warmish beer was a bit of a surprise, and then he tells me that Tim (Morton) wont be happy with me drinking while prerunning haha: Something about this sketch I really liked: Such a...
  7. slim01

    1988 SCORE Baja 1000

    Depending on the info you are chasing I found this site which has pics of the cars racing during the 88 Baja: The 2nd pic in...
  8. slim01


    As a racer, I had a great time passing thru the pit that Locos Mocos were running (2015). If I were looking to spectate it'd either be to chase a team or find out where the Locos crew were going to be and ask if I could tag along with them.
  9. slim01

    Mountain Bikes - Who rides and races? Post your bikes.

    I blame FB groups for ending up with so many, last count was over 20. Tbh its a bit silly having so many, too much $ tied up in frame sets that I'll never build or ride. I rode a lot of skateparks back in the day and originally I just wanted to buy/build the same bike I ran back then. Then I...
  10. slim01

    Mountain Bikes - Who rides and races? Post your bikes.

    Just got a couple cheap hardtails, a Norco 125 and the missus has a Giant. I enjoyed a few night rides on the 125. We converted the Giant to a single sprocket at the front. The missus used the plasma to cut a bash disc and I cleaned it up on the small lathe: and some pics picks of my...
  11. slim01

    Baja 1000 bike cost?

    Depends if you are going to supply your own chase crew or use someone like Baja Bound to provide you a package. Also depends on whether its a loop race or a peninsula run. I've used Baja Bound (Tim Morton) for both the B1K (peninsula) and V2R. Both times they supplied everything, I just turned...
  12. slim01

    CRF450R LIGHTS!!!

    Try Gloworm for a helmet light, Ive run the XS model ( ) and really happy with it.
  13. slim01

    The Bikes Will Return to The Mint 400 in 2019

    Talk to Tim @ Baja Bound, he should be able to help you out with pitting as he is supporting a few other riders at the 400.
  14. slim01

    42..going back to school for a new career...welding...

    Ive got an early 9100 series Speedglass helmet Ive had since around 2003ish and its still perfectly good. Changed to headband out a couple of times and give the clear lenses a birthday when Ive been doing a bit MIG work but other than that its great. I would like to try an Optrel or ESAB but...
  15. slim01

    2018 51st SCORE Baja 1000 Race Week Thread - Map, live video, tracking, updates, discussion, etc.

    I think you'll find that most of the bikes 'caught' have been stationary for several hours. My mate is #747 is just south of San Felipe and he hasn't moved for a while now, hopefully just a tracker fault or mechanical issue. (Lloyd has raced B500 & B1K several times, he's not a bucklister, poop...
  16. slim01

    New supermoto rider, goal is Mint or similar next year. Advice/beating appreciated

    Understandable bud, I know where you're coming from. Those shorter type races are good to just turn up with a few mates, and just camp and ride, (atleast over here in OZ they are). Flying over to do specific races, Tim is a great option for us, as close to a guaranteed finish you're likely to...
  17. slim01

    New supermoto rider, goal is Mint or similar next year. Advice/beating appreciated

    If you want a hassle free race that you arent sure about, I would highly recommend contacting Tim (BBM) about an inclusive race package if its an option for you. All you have to do is turn up with a helmet and the rest is organized, bike supplied and prepped, chase guy for fuel and pit etc. I...
  18. slim01

    On Topic Baja 1000 roll call!!

    Keep an eye open for aussie Lloyd Andrew 747X on a kato, he'll be hanging out with some of the Baja Pits/Locos guys I think. He's a funny bugger, hates a drink though :rolleyes::rolleyes:;)
  19. slim01

    isle of man,two more riders killed.

  20. slim01

    isle of man,two more riders killed.

    Not at the Isle of Man but a family and rider well known to the race passed away a couple of days ago at another race. 3 members of that family have now died racing bikes. I guess it beats shitting your pants and being left unattended at the nursing home living a longer but forgotten life...