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  1. Jerry Zaiden

    Mint 400 to Fish: Drop Dead?

    Dave you are 110% spot on and I share your same feelings. What people want is to be excited. We have tried to race in SCORE and some of our sponsors don't want to be part of it because of invoices they have received or of hearing about companies receiving after they had posted a picture and/or...
  2. Jerry Zaiden

    Feature Vehicle The 2021 Ford Bronco

    These ar the new Methods with Bead Grip Tech. Works like a push lock fitting so you can air the tires way down. We love these wheels.
  3. Jerry Zaiden

    Feature Vehicle The 2021 Ford Bronco

    We love ours so far!
  4. Jerry Zaiden

    Vegas to Reno Pit Book and Pit GPS File

    This make life so much easier! Thank you!!
  5. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    The way I see the 7200 class is it is a wide open class with a few rules. Nothing SPEC about the class at all. The reason why you don't see more trucks is newer classes that make more sense to race per dollar spent have evolved and others were created. 1) 6100 - New created class with a few...
  6. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    IMO there are only a few races that really move the needle. 1) King of the Hammers 2) Baja 1000 3) Mint 400 4) 3/4 way move the needle Vegas to Reno 5) 3/4 way move the needle Baja 500 Now this is not a list of best races for racers for fun etc. But for What sponsors care about. IMO The...
  7. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    Trucks sales account for more than 60% of auto sales in the USA. With competition the manufactures will need to market product. When this happens there will be truck racing supported by the manufacture. "And because trucks are much more profitable. Light trucks accounted for a record 75.9%...
  8. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    This is in BITD. This thread is not about SCORE, CODE, or RECORD rules.
  9. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    7200 is dead. Only way there will be more entries is one of two things. 1) Factory involvement V6 Turbo programs 2) Older trucks can install cheap power. Only Logical answer is current tagged spec V8. All other things like trans etc would be open like it is now.
  10. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    The new 7200 rules should be as follows. 1) OPEN V6 same as now 2) OPEN Turbo V6 up to 3.5L 3) For the budget guys spec tagged 525hp engine 4) 90" wide same as SCORE 5) Solid rear axle Peace out.... No other rules. This is not 6100, has nothing to do with 6100. The 6100 class is great and...
  11. Jerry Zaiden

    BITD opens up 7200 Class to new engines

    So many things wrong with the new rules change has been written. Ive been on the phone all day with Bryan Folks from BITD, Jeff Proctor, Randy Merrit and a few others. Stay tuned. This should be good for the 7200 guys (maybe 3?) as well as the older 6100 guys who feel out classed in the 6100...
  12. Jerry Zaiden

    New fuel cell and tire position

    We now offer this rear cell mount (tube basket) and the fuel cell. We offer it as a prerun setup and a race setup. Check this link for more info. CAMBURG REAR FUEL CELL AND BASKET
  13. Jerry Zaiden

    Racing or joy riding

    Some of our best celebrations have not been the win but the finish. Some finishes took so much work and TEAM effort they felt better than wins. my .02
  14. Jerry Zaiden

    Camburg Off Road trip Video

    Check out this video from our last trip. Glamis, El Diablo trail, Crown King, Arizona desert.
  15. Jerry Zaiden

    Black Rifle Coffee + BJ Baldwin

    We have been working with SIG for years now as well. BRC is a great company that we have also been working with for years.
  16. Jerry Zaiden

    Camburg Kids MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge VIDEO

    First off our hats are off to the crew at MORE for putting on amazing races! The kids have been cutting their teeth in their Camburg Ford Ranger and getting seat time against some good competition.
  17. Jerry Zaiden

    MORE race????

    Same LT kit, Same link kit... But our rear end and hubs, bigger Fox shocks and way more power because the the bad a s s V8 :)
  18. Jerry Zaiden

    MORE race????

    MORE has been putting on great races with a great turnout! Honestly surprised more people aren't out there racing. Great value, great competition, well run, and not such a circus. The kids had a great race where all three of them got to put in some laps and learn. We told them to take it easy...