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  1. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    LOORRS Rounds 9 and 10 **Photos** by LORENZstudio

    No photogs or cameras were harmed in the making of this photo.
  2. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    SxS Round 8 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio

    What a great way to end the season! A big "thank you" to everyone who made us feel so welcome on the track. I'll be adding more photos as I continue editing them. Adults in Trophy Karts - putting the fun back into racing! A little pre-race, father-daughter talk
  3. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    SxS Round 7 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio

    Since I was flying solo last night I figure it's only fair that I get to post pics of the girls first! My favorite quote of the night: "Daddy, I beat you!" -Hailie Deegan A huge congrats to Hailie for finishing first in her first race ever while Brian came in third in his class...
  4. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    SxS Round 6 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio

    Here's a few shots from SxS Round 6 at Perris Auto Speedway. I'll post more as I continue editing them "Look, ma! No eyes!"
  5. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    LOORRS Rounds 5 and 6 **Photos** by LORENZstudio *LIVE*

    Opening Ceremonies as we "speak" Here's a few photos to start off a great weekend of racing at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series at Lake Elsinore. We'll be updating throughout the weekend
  6. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    SxS Round 5 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio -<LIVE>-

    Perris Auto Speedway Photography at night. TORC take note... Porta Pottie Pit Party in full swing tonight.:cool: Good time, good people, good conversations, great Carne Asada, and fantastic Guacamole. Joey and sponsors, you guys did us right. We had a memorable evening, thanks...
  7. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    Hubbs-SeaWorld **Photos** by LORENZstudio

    We had the opportunity to attend Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute first anual WSB tourney today. What a great place. 30-50# Yellow Tail right in our backyard, it looked like a huge above ground swimming pool with brood stock swimming in circles. Did you know Yellow Tail yawn... Yeh, me...
  8. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    SxS Round 4 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio

    A few teasers while I continue editing photos. We will have all photos from this race up on our website by mid-week.
  9. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    LOORRS Cage Fighting **Photos**, Suprize AZ

    The SpeedWorld Gate Keeper were out in full force this weekend. These buggers were not timid either. No holds barred action all day. Let this be the OFFICIAL Rodent War Thread... I know everybody got shots of the furry freaks, lets see em'.... Post up. (No animals were harmed in the...
  10. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    LOORRS Rounds 3 and 4 **Photos** by LORENZstudio

    UTV action at LOORRS: We'll be editing over the next few days so be sure to check back for more photos.
  11. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    TORC Practice Session **Photos** by LORENZstudio

    Here's a few teasers from TORC's "Meet and Greet" Open Practice Session at Perris Auto Speedway on Sunday. More pictures to follow soon.
  12. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ

    SxS Round 3 **PHOTOS** by LORENZstudio

    I'm lovin' the new layout of the track.
  13. The Fetching Mrs LORENZ


    Disclaimer The hubby signed me up so the forum name is not my own... "Suzy" would've been my first choice. It looks like we will be tag teaming this thing with our photography. My full time job is with LORENZindustries where I tackle every task from lendind a hand under the truck to...