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    If your testing in Plaster City tomorrow please be alert

    There is a District 38 race in Plaster City West tomorrow(Sunday Oct 21). If your going testing please be careful. Maybe test in PC East just to be safe.
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    Who Got a Ticket at the Last Two Imperial Valley Races?

    People of power want to know who was ticketed and for what. Disclaimer: if you were being an idiot and blatantly breaking the law don't bother responding. If you were minding your own business and doing your best to follow the law and still got pinched we what to know. A copy of the ticket...
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    Imperial Valley Off Road Appriciation Night

    Vehicle show, vendors, bands, raffles, beer gardens and more?? Also a chance to get a large group of people together to voice their concern with the high cost of permits for car and truck racing in Plaster City. It could happen fairly quickly if enough people get involved.
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    Occupy the F-ing desert.

    I’ve been out of the racing seen for a while. I apologize for that. We’ve been recovering from DRIVE. It wasn’t cheap and by no means easy. I’ve gotten several phone calls over the last few days regarding BLM fees when we were running our series here in Plaster City. I’m going to be very...
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    Plaster City - Don't be a Dick

    The future of racing in Plaster City is up to the spectators. It’s not up to the promoters, racers, sponsors, or the BLM. It’s 100%up to the spectators. Everyone else besides the spectators have a lot of skin in the game. The wild card is the spectators. I have been seeing more and more...
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    Important - For people planning on testing in Plaster City this weekend

    Just an FYI. There is a District 38 race in Plaster City this weekend. The race is sunday but there are a lot of people out there already. The course will be in PC West and PC East. PLEASE be carful while testing and stay of any marked course areas. Thanks
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    Be a Simple Kind of Man

    Be a Simple Kind of Man I went from zero to 120 MPH when it comes to off road racing. I went from watching my first race in Plaster city in 2005 to actually hosting a race in 2009. There are some people that think they know my motivation and that it was ill. It wasn’t. It was all about a...
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    DRIVE Off Road Racing - Time to pass the torch.0

    DRIVE Off Road Racing - Time to pass the torch. My time as “DRIVE Off Road Racing” is coming to an end. I am hoping that someone will step up to carry the torch of car and truck racing in Imperial Valley (PLASTER CITY). At this point I do not have the time needed to keep fighting the...
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    Who Wants to Race Plaster City

    Lets here it. If the date was right, the course was bad ass, and the payout was top notch would you actualy show up and race? As a spectator would you be willing to kick down $10 to see the best show on earth? Would you volunteer to keep things safe? If the local community rolled...
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    SNORE Needs Your Help to Clean Up after the SoCal 250

    The winds were brutal for the last week and a half. On Friday winds that were almost huricane force ripped through the pit area and blew an amazing amount of trash into the bushes just South of the pit area. We need to get this cleaned up. If anyone can go out there and help clean this up...
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    SNORE / Dethrone Socal 250 Volunteer Rollcall

    Lets hear it. Whos volunteering for the biggest race Plaster City has ever seen. We still need lots of volunteers for check points, road crossings, and retrieval / rovers. If you are planning on volunteering please send an e-mail to Let them know what you are...
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    Testing in Plaster City for the next 7 days - FYI

    Just wanted to get the word out to any teams testing in Plaster City between now and next Sunday (March 6th) District 38 is holding their big National Hare and Hound race the weekend of March 6th. The course uses areas in PC West, PC East, and Superstition. I don't know exactly when they will...
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    A Catchy or Offensive Thread Title. Whatever Blows Your Skirt Up

    Watching us lose our opportunities to recreate in off roading is like sitting back complacently watching a relative slowly die without fighting to keep them alive or trying to learn their history, either up close or from a distance. It’s similar to staring this dying person in the face and not...
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    DRIVE 2011 Schedule

    The tentative 2011 dates are... 1-22-11 4-2-11 5-14-11 10-15-11 December - TBA We are still working with the BLM to secure all the dates but these are the dates we have started to submit permits for. Possible event in the summer if we can secure a cooler area than the desert.
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    We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet!

    Love it or leave it. Racing in the US has changed forever. If it hasn’t changed, its over. There have been several successful events run since the California 200 accident, and I can say that the BLM is pleased with how they were conducted. My fear is that people will start to revert to how...
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    ORW Gran Prix 12-4-10 Info and Rules

    Please read. Zero tollerance on the penalties. ORW Gran Prix December 4, 2010 Schedule/Race Information, Penalties, Course Info Saturday November 27, 2010 – Start Order Draw Pre-registration deadline and start order draw If you are mailing or faxing in your entry form please make...
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    There WILL be an Dedicated Air Ambulance at the DRIVE Race

    Just got off the phone with REACH. They will have a dedicated air ambulance sitting at the starting line on October 23rd. They are doing this as a good will gesture. We are no where near the 1000 new memberships but are showing them that we want them there. Honestly...what more could you ask...
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    Campfire Permits Required in Plaster City

    Please don't shoot the messanger. Just want people to know.
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    BLM Stipulations for Next DRIVE Race - Important

    DRIVE Off Road Racing LLC Date Release: 10-14-10 BLM Rules for 10-23-10 Race IMPORTANT – Please Read and Follow Fuel and Fluids Management BLM - ALL VEHICLES - A method of controlling and capturing fuel spilled during fueling must be placed under all dump cans and under each vehicle...
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    First California Race Series to Secure a Dedicated Air Ambulance? - DRIVE

    First California Race Series to Secure a Dedicated Air Ambulance? Help DRIVE bring safety at our races to an even higher level while helping you and your family. DRIVE has teamed up with REACH Air Ambulance to put together a program that would secure an air ambulance for our future races...