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  1. curt

    Really people get off your a sses!!!!

    Hey everyone, send a note to your local news stations. They just about all have investigative teams for potential new stories and they really love flashy ones like "Is the State of California stealing from it's citizens?" Send them the link to the auto letter above (right click, select copy...
  2. curt

    Really people get off your a sses!!!!

    Here's a quickie form letter that the AMA has generated that will auto email your local representatives...It takes less than 2 minutes to get youself heard...
  3. curt

    Prairie City 04/18/10 Moto1 Video

    I've got the first moto done...Couple of new ideas we've got 2 in car front view with the back view inset. Way more interesting is the in car audio between Patty & Steph...Minors beware there's a bit of language that I couldn't beep out ;) Hey Wes, if you really want to know about the double...
  4. curt

    Hayos Motorsports race recap Season Opener 2010

    Had a great time, the ending wasn't what we wanted but it was a day full of surprises Full report at Our main page...
  5. curt

    Cougarfreak Photos for first PC race of 2010

    As they go please, fresh news is better than complete...I'd also post as they become available...Curt
  6. curt

    fuel pumps that dont suck

    We also had a problem with that pump but again it was a filter problem, not a pump problem. Thanks for the bulletin, lately we've had some bobbling and I think it might still be restricted as the inlet lines are not -10's all the way to the bottom of the tank. we used the Earls filters the first...
  7. curt

    Pro-lite and Super Buggy Spec Engines?

    One motor builder I know, had a certain winning Toyota teams engine budget for a year estimated at over 6 figures. Not only did they run a new or refreshed bullet every weekend, they had the money to build extra motors to experiment with during testing looking for the edge down the road...A...
  8. curt

    Prairie city pictures by me

    Try a photo resizer to make thumbnails for faster loading of the thread, I've never used this one but here's one I found from google you can copy a bunch of photo's into a folder and batch resize...Curt
  9. curt

    P.C. Moto #2 Second Camera

    Nice vid work, classic Big E... Funny thing is it really does look like a natural move, the cones and the flagman both line up like it's where you're supposed to go...For anyone else who wonders, it wasn't the fast line by a longshot, the bypass we were supposed to use was the old original...
  10. curt

    Hayos Motorsports PC Moto 1 11/01/09

    Here's the first moto, had to split it in half Moto 1A YouTube - VORRA Prairie City 11/01/09 Moto 1A Moto 1B YouTube - VORRA Prairie City 11/01/09 Moto 1B More to come...Curt
  11. curt

    Prairie City 10/11/09 Moto 1

    Bring a usb flash drive, I'll have a small file for you...
  12. curt

    Prairie City 10/11/09 Moto 1

    I agree, we didn't plan it very well. Since I still have no idea what to shoot or have shot, we only shot the extra section during the first moto. Both cams are in the infield for the second. I've always tried to shoot the whole race for videos but they're too long and have too many laps of the...
  13. curt

    Prairie City 10/11/09 Moto 1

    I finally got the video for moto 1 crunched...A video producer I am obviously not!!! MAKE SURE TO HIT THE HD button at the bottom, the footage looks horrible in standard mode... Curt
  14. curt

    Prarie City Advertising

    Hey JR, make sure the guys know...Sportsman is very inexpensive ($175 I think) to enter thus little purse...If they fit in group T it should be a decent payback for a win with a $275 entry fee but also much more difficult competition with Bruce's class 8 and Joel's class 7 probably the fastest...
  15. curt

    Why do so many people confuse talent with money?

    While I agree that money can make it easier to expose natural talent in our sport, it is still not the defining issue for most of the classes...Most people here are comparing the characteristics of the very elite, most expensive classes in our sport which by car counts is still not the majority...
  16. curt

    Pre-Pump Fuel Filter- 100 micron or 40 micron???

    Not all filters are the same...The earls filters we used were too small in diameter and length and caused fuel starvation problems, the Aeromotive ones are much larger with a huge amount of surface area. It all depends on supplying flow, our Toyota has fuel pressures at 60psi so we would need...
  17. curt

    3.4 to 4.0 toyota swap

    I don't have the dimensions but call John @ LC Engineering, I sent him a clean low miles 4.0 core for one of his his customers. I can get a hold of a couple more if interested..The 4.0 is a much larger footprint (I think width at the heads is much bigger) that has some technical challenges like...
  18. curt

    Torchmate CNC Plasma Table at Primm. Need something cut??

    Anyone that doesn't have a cnc plasma or easy access to one ought to give those guys a call. They have an excellent rep for a high quality table that is reasonably affordable and just plain works. Although I built my own due to cost constraints, it's the single most productive tool in the race...
  19. curt

    PC April 25,26th

    We'll be there, Jeff Elrod is driving Steve Millward's truck as Johnny is in Florida for vacation, don't know if Josh is going to finally get his truck to the track...Curt
  20. curt

    Prairie City 03/29/09 Video

    I'm obviously not a video production guy...Here's the vid we got at the race...Careful with the sound, the incar is way louder than the trackside...Curt Qualifying... YouTube - VORRA Class 7 Qualifying 03/29/09 Moto 1 YouTube - VORRA Class 7 Prairie City Moto 1 03/29/09