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  1. milestonemotorsports

    GPS files

    A few years ago I came across A web site that had pretty much had GPS files for almost every race in Baja ,Record, Code, Score , I lost that info when my computer died , Does anyone know if that site still exist and if so a web address for it Thanks
  2. milestonemotorsports

    Rancho rebuildable resivor shocks

    A friend brought over a set of Rancho 2' monotube shock with a spanner nut removable top and a remote reservoir, it was old I have never seen this is this a one off kind of shock or custom made thing is anyone familiar with this
  3. milestonemotorsports

    MORE 500 7s roll call

    So where are all the 7s's only one pre-enterd it would be nice to see at least a 5 truck field it would make it worth my while to get my truck ready
  4. milestonemotorsports

    Border crossing

    Has anybody in the last few days came across the border without a passport , just a birth cirtificate and drivers lic. I have a friend that wants to ride with me to SF but I need to reasure him he can get back accross
  5. milestonemotorsports

    7s spring lenght

    so does anybody know the longest factory spring lenght of any mini or mid size truck or suv ?
  6. milestonemotorsports

    Baja 500

    Has anyone heard anything on this years 500 as far as is it the same as last years course or when the map be posted Thanks
  7. milestonemotorsports


    Hello my name is Javier I curently race in the MORE series in 7s as owner and driver I plan to race the baja 500 this year thanks