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  1. Cooprey

    CALL for Support - Racers burned at Lucerne

    Mike Mccomas and Jared Durnberger were both severely burned this last weekend at the PCI 300 in Lucerne when the car caught fire and Mike became trapped. Jared was initially able to escape the car but was burned when he returned to the burning car twice to pull Mike free. He saved Mike’s life...
  2. Cooprey

    On Topic Free 37” race tires

    Our tire sponsor is making the transition into desert racing. They have had great success in short course and we have given them a couple wins in the desert. We have raced 2 Baja 500’s and the SF 250 all on their tires. They make a pretty mean 37” tire that we personally have put over 3000 race...
  3. Cooprey

    On Topic Lost wheel in frog Cyn

    We had a spare black DWT beadlock with a 30” BFG KR2 come loose and take an adventure somewhere in Frog cyn over the weekend. Aside from it being helpful to have I don’t want to be leaving a mess. If anyone happens to come across it while pre running please let me know. Sent from my iPhone...