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  1. redline

    Outboard Boat service?

    Does anybody have good recommendations for a boat mechanic? I have a Tracker with a 150hp outboard. Boat has been sitting for a few years in my shop and I would like to take it out finally this year! I don't want to worry about getting the fam all ready and loaded up, take the time away from...
  2. redline

    Tj/Rosarito Desert Challenge Rooms and Parking!

    We unfortunately have to withdraw from the race so need to get rid of some rooms. We have 3 singles and 3 doubles at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Rooms also come with parking for race chase vehicles in guarded area. Our loss your gain!
  3. redline

    Highway South of Gonzaga

    Does anybody know if the highway is all paved yet to Hwy1?
  4. redline

    San Ignacio

    Does anyone know anything about fire in San Ignacio? My wife showed me a video from fb that looked pretty bad. Hopefully it's not what it looks like. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  5. redline

    GoFundMe for Monte

    As most of you know by now we lost a good friend and an amazing person at the Baja 1000. There is a go fund me set up to help his family take care of funeral expenses. Any help we can all pull together for the family would be appreciated. Here's the link Sent from the...
  6. redline

    Did Lee close?

    Tried calling Lee Manufacturing today and phone and numbers are disconnected!
  7. redline

    Cheap getaways

    Anybody know good place to look for affordable quick getaway packages?
  8. redline

    Dos Mares 500

    We are getting ready to head south and were wondering if anybody else stateside is heading down? If you haven't ever raced it you should put it on your bucket list!
  9. redline

    Baja 1000 on tv?

    Has anybody else checked their program guide? Checked on both espn2 And abc but couldn't find anything for the race on the dates they are suppose to be on. I have directtv so maybe somebody else has their guide showing something else Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  10. redline

    Mango Racing race report!

    First want to thank everyone that helped make the race happen! We had a flawless race which was far from how it was looking on Thursday! We purchased the new car on Monday and left Grove's shop with it about 11pm that night! Went testing for the first time with it Tuesday morning everything...
  11. redline


    So just wondering who else is being screwed to put it lightly? After we spent 15k a year and a half ago to set up two of our trucks with their system, our TT has only tracked about 90 miles of about 4000 miles it has raced! Now today we get an email stating they are no longer supporting desert...
  12. redline

    Baja 500 Entries?

    Looked at the entry list and where is everybody. I know its a while untill the race but drawing is today and ussually there is a lot more entries by drawing time. 122 total entries?
  13. redline

    Dos Mares 500

    Anybody else heading down to race Dos Mares 500 this year?
  14. redline

    Purple Tungsten

    Has anybody tried using the new purple tungsten? Last time went to Airgas i grabbed some tungsten. All they had was purple and said they would have to special order red because they no longer stock it. Supposedly it is suppose to weld the same. Well i just used it for the first time and...
  15. redline

    Parker Address FedEx

    Anybody have an address in Parker i can have package FedEx to for Thursday arrival? Pm me please Thanks Devin Mango Racing
  16. redline

    Parker prerun room

    Anybody have an extra room at Bluewater tomorrow night? I will gladly take it off your hands if you do!
  17. redline

    ensenada-San ignacio Monday

    Anybody leaving ensenada monday mornig headed to San ignacio? Need to send something down to our crew if i can get a ride for it. or tuesday to loreto. give me call if you can 760-296-9750
  18. redline

    Any EMTs want to go to 1000

    We are looking for 1 or 2 EMT that would be interested in joining team.
  19. redline

    Sparco seat mounts

    Does anybody happen to have cut file for sparco side mounts?
  20. redline

    Mango Racing TT45 Baja 500 Video

    Mango tt's newest video! Thanks to NTR Films, King Shocks, Black Knight lighting, Unequal Technologies, Jimco and the whole team!