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  1. nhuitt

    RIP Scoop Vessels

    I just found out that Frank Scoop Vessels passed away today in a plane crash. Also on the plane was friend Sam Cannell. Thoughts and prayers go out to both families.
  2. nhuitt

    Ken Block Gymkhana Remix

    DC RELEASES KEN BLOCK’S LATEST INSANE GYMKHANA VIDEO REMIX AND NEW MINISITE DCSHOES.COM/GYMKHANA April 6, 2009 – Vista, CA – If you are amongst the 20 million who have seen DC Co-founder Ken Block’s first Gymkhana Practice video then you need to check out the newly released Bonus Edit...
  3. nhuitt

    Driving Shoes

    How many of you guys use driving shoes? If not why?
  4. nhuitt

    Roll Bar Mirror Brackets

    Any one know where to get these kinds of brackets?
  5. nhuitt

    Renewable-energy push puts all eyes on desert

    This could bring more closed land. Federal agency flooded with developer proposals By Mike Lee UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER June 3, 2008 CHARLIE NEUMAN / Union-Tribune California is hoping to get 20...
  6. nhuitt

    Off-roaders back in driver's seat?

    This is from todays San Diego UT Off-roaders back in driver's seat? Reshaped commission a win for riders, say conservationists Michael Gardner COPLEY NEWS SERVICE SACRAMENTO – Off-road riders have scored a major victory in their quest to reshape a state commission they have said has...
  7. nhuitt

    Surf Fans

    Kelly Slater won his 8th world title today. Will we see number 9?
  8. nhuitt


    Dose anyone have any good city maps of Ensenada?
  9. nhuitt


    my little brother was stoped for running a stop sign then given a dui. i need some info from anyone to help him out.