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  1. milestonemotorsports

    MORE race????

    well if you must know Im "the driver" is in a wheelchair i dont bring a wheelchair with me in the truck as far as the co driver he was being lazy we didnt know we had a flat we pulled over because we had a clanking noise the chase guy didnt tell us we had a flat for a while I though he was...
  2. milestonemotorsports

    MORE race????

    yes a very slow tire change
  3. milestonemotorsports

    MORE race????

    2012 a yellow S10
  4. milestonemotorsports

    MORE race????

    was there anyone taking pictures at the ant hill
  5. milestonemotorsports

    RIP Art Savedera

    what a big loss , great dude im glad I got to know him RIP
  6. milestonemotorsports

    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    so is it safe to assume the chevy guys can run the Colorado 3.6
  7. milestonemotorsports

    Record Offroad Series Ensenada-San Felipe 250 June 24-26

    so they are going to let you run your truck , that was the one thing that was holding me back from upgrading my truck was not being to run in RECORD
  8. milestonemotorsports

    1400 and 1450 rulebooks for M.O.R.E.

    i m pretty sure they use the SNORE rules that are on their web site
  9. milestonemotorsports

    Way to go Ricky Brabec!

    congrats great job ricky
  10. milestonemotorsports

    Doing the BAJA 500 (from a wheel chair)

    Im waiting too I just texted my nephews to see what the hold up is, I know one of my nephews is in the reserves and has been deployed and serving full time right now that be part of the reason
  11. milestonemotorsports

    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Im upgrading my old school 7s to the new 7100 rules but it wont be done for a while
  12. milestonemotorsports

    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    it would be better to put the mount in double shear
  13. milestonemotorsports

    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    I thought SCORE has the 2000 class which is the same leaf spring and bolt on kits in front
  14. milestonemotorsports

    Chevy s10/v6 for class 7200?

    how about the chevy LFX 3.6 v6 325 hp from a motor that weighs 350lbs now that chevy offers it in the colorado its a legal motor
  15. milestonemotorsports

    RECORD 250 Ensenada to San Felipe

    great race great origination and pretty much the only place left to race 7s
  16. milestonemotorsports

    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Thanks I like the upper control arm nice fab work on those
  17. milestonemotorsports

    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    I would love to see some photos of the front suspension on your S10
  18. milestonemotorsports

    Is Stock Class DEAD

    The Record races don't usually run through the Mikes sky Ranch area thats what put us out at last years 500
  19. milestonemotorsports

    Baja vs Racing in the U.S ?

    now that 7s has died off in the US racing RECORD in Baja is the only place for affordable 7s racing