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  1. PBR

    SC10 Pro

    My kid crashed my old SC10 Pro and broke the chassis. I replaced the chassis and now the ESC won't turn on. No beeps. No nothing. The ESC is an XP Digital SC700-BL. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. PBR

    Anyone heading down to Ensenada Thursday night or Friday morning?

    I'm looking for a ride from LA or anywhere south of LA to Ensenada, the catch is I can't leave LA until around 8:30 Thursday night or o'dark early Friday morning. I have to be in Ensenada by 9am Friday morning.
  3. PBR

    2017 Supercross

    Lots of riders still available. Will the Stewart boys have a ride come A1? The List: Those in Limbo - Racer X Online
  4. PBR

    Little Joe has passed

    I am so sad to say that Little Joe has passed. He was one of the nicest, most down to earth people you have ever met. Truly just a good human being. Every time we would see him at the races or at the Goodyear shop we always ended up bench racing or just shooting the sheit. We could not have...
  5. PBR

    JS7 Busted!
  6. PBR


    I didn't want to go off topic in the SX thread so I decided to start a new one just about helmets. After watching Zach Bell's crash last year and then last week Will Hahn's big get off and cracked skull, it's had me thinking about the 6d helmets. They sure are $$$$ but can you put a price on...
  7. PBR

    KC66 Stickers?

    I've been trying to find some KC memorial stickers online with no luck. Watching the Dakar every night just bums me out, I was so looking forward to following him this year to see what he could do now that he had some experience. I would like to represent my respect for a great rider and person...
  8. PBR

    Bent Front Rotor

    I bent my front brake rotor on a ride this weekend and am wondering if I should replace with a new stock rotor or if I should look into aftermarket. Same question on pads. No track riding, all dezert and trails. Also, no racing, just for play. Bike is 2008 KTM 530exc.
  9. PBR

    Blazer - Where is it now?

    not sure if this is the right place since it's only from the mid-late 90's this used to be my brothers old blazer, he sold it in the mid 90's to buy his half of "butch" (best decision ever!). the guy who bought it was british and lived in the l.a. valley, that's who's driving it in the pic...
  10. PBR


    i have been running spider grips for years, just wondering if there is anything out there that's better? dezert and trail riding.
  11. PBR

    2012 SX/MX Rumors

    what have you heard? took this from my brothers post: - Brayton to Factory Honda with Windham, Canard and Barcia. - Metcalfe to 22 Motorsports who is rumored to be on Suzuki with Goose as CR's mechanic (very hard for me to believe) - Dungey to KTM. This is the only one that is confirmed...
  12. PBR

    Ontario Endurocross

    anyone going?
  13. PBR

    best front tire for dezert/trail riding

    what do you guys run for front tires on your dezert/trail bikes? i just tried a new dunlop mx51 that someone gave me and it split on the second ride. i am running the tubliss system. thanks!
  14. PBR

    Supercross 2011

    A2 what a bad 450 race! bubba looks like he's not even trying, he is just on it right now! the dung looked like he was struggling before is chain let go. maybe now that he's not in the points race really, it will set a fire under his skirt and he will go out and win some races! i can't...
  15. PBR


    predictions? will the dung continue where he left off? will bubba stop clowning around and bring his "A" game? will cr stop whining for a minute and be a contender? will villapoto have what it takes? kdub? trey? purcell?
  16. PBR

    thinking about a new bike

    i currently ride an '08 ktm 530exc and it's a great bike, but i am really thinking about jumping ship and going with a new ktm 300 2-stroke with the magic button! i have never been a 2-stroke kind of guy (haha) but are really intrigued buy the big bore "3-stroke" that a lot of guys have been...
  17. PBR

    decoster goes orange!
  18. PBR


    after watching the lakers win another championship and hearing about all the championships that all the individual players have it got me wondering... how many championships does mike "goose" gooselaar have? he has won titles with rc, cr and now dungey. the guy is a living legend who gets...
  19. PBR

    Arciero/Gordon/Crabtree Wins Overall!

    huge props to butch, ryan, bob, tim, sean, benny, and the rest of the guys that just overalled the norra mexican 1000! they drove bob's class 1 car named "old besty". she has been sitting in bob's barn for year, they dusted her off, lubed her up and drove her hard for the overall win! great job...
  20. PBR

    dog with torn acl :(

    my poor penny, a 7 year old 70lb yellow lab, tore her acl while playing catch the other day. here is the question, there are 2 types of surgery, tplo and imbrication. the tplo is about double the cost. we have been to 2 vets and they are saying the opposite things, one is for the tplo and the...