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  1. Robert Mason

    Score rule change for Trophy Truck Spec

    I was just on the Score website checking out the rules for the TTspec class. Previously the motor was limited to a sealed LS3 engine with a maximum of 525hp. They have now opened it up to any sealed motor with a maximum of 525hp. No restriction on ecu etc... Restricted to a th400 without...
  2. Robert Mason

    2015 Mason Motorsports Highlight Video

    Stoked on the 2015 highlight video Tuba Art Films just finished up!
  3. Robert Mason

    Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck build

    Here are some pictures of a trophy truck we are working on. A few specs Dougan 474 8 stack RDE TH400 Gearworks thirdmember ID Designs housing Fox shocks Brembo 6 piston calipers Pro-am hubs with rotor hats Pro-am TT rack Harmon cell Dual DC power alternators Weldon fuel pumps CBR coolers Custom...
  4. Robert Mason

    Mason 6100s go 1st and 2nd at Parker

    I would like to congratulate Brett Sourapas on another win at Parker in his Mason 6100. Brett qualified on the pole and led the race start to finish. Ray Mckinzie also ran hard all day in his brand new Mason finishing 2nd in class. Both teams had phenomenal days finishing 14th and 15th overall...
  5. Robert Mason

    HDS 8m will not track up

    Anyone have a problem with this unit? Tried every setting course up, heading up, north up. None of them will track up.
  6. Robert Mason

    Sourapas Motorsports Testing.

    Here is a video from the first test session of the new Mason 6100 truck for Sourapas Motorsports.
  7. Robert Mason

    Team Orbit tests for V2R

    A short clip of 6176 of Team Orbit testing their Mason 6100 for V2R.
  8. Robert Mason

    Mason 6100 for Sourapas Motorsports

    Here are a few pictures of a current 6100 truck that we are working on for Brett Sourapas.
  9. Robert Mason

    Congrats to Al Hogan!

    Congrats to Al on the 7200 win this weekend in his Mason truck at the HDRA 250. Way to back up the win at the Mint.
  10. Robert Mason

    Replacement for 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Pro

    My prerunner buggy currently runs the 35" Baja Pro in the rear. I am in need of some new tires but am told that Mickey Thompson discontinued the tire in the 35. Are there any other tires on the market that are similar with a tread pattern that is not very aggressive?
  11. Robert Mason

    Mason Motorsports 6100

    Here are a some pictures of the 6100 roller that we have just finished up!!
  12. Robert Mason

    Mendeola noise.

    Im new to transaxles and just had a quick question. I have a mendeola 2d in a buggy and when the car is sitting there idling you can here a little bit of noise coming from the trans. As soon as the clutch pedal is depressed the sound goes away. Is this normal? If not what could be the culprit?
  13. Robert Mason

    looking for jason ruane's contact info.

    Can someone pm me Jason Ruane's phone number?
  14. Robert Mason

    Tire Pressure Monitoring system

    I have seen a couple TT's using tire pressure monitoring systems. Anyone know what the best, most durable systems are? Whats happens when you get a flat tire and install the spare. What do you have to do to get it to read the new tire?
  15. Robert Mason

    San Felipe results are now up!!!!

    Results are now official.
  16. Robert Mason

    Full floating axles

    Does anyone know if anything bigger than a 40 spline axle can fit through a 2.5" snout? Having to replace the gun drilled 300m 40 spline axles every race or two because of cracks and looking for an alternative.
  17. Robert Mason

    Brake pad not wearing evenly

    Was checking out the brakes on the race truck after vegas to reno and noticed that several of the brake pads were not wearing evenly. If this only happened on one of the calipers I would just figure that the piston some how got jammed in the caliper but since it happened on three of the four...
  18. Robert Mason

    Mason Motorsports new 7200 truck

    We have been working on a truck that is specifically designed for BITD 7200 class. The track width is 85" and the wheelbase is 121". We will have one of them in the form of a roller at the Sand Sport Show this weekend if anyone would like to come take a look. Pricing and more pictures on our...
  19. Robert Mason

    top 12 classifieds

    how do you go about getting a vehicle in the top 12 classifieds? Is there just an extra fee?
  20. Robert Mason

    Prerunner car in the making

    What do you guys think?