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  1. randy1123

    Pro4 Sponsorship Needed

    We are still looking for some help, not looking for cash, but great product support. Thoughts? Beverages? Tie down straps (MACS?) Oils Clothing Printing Hoses and fittings Tear offs, small tools, specialty items you want to showcase? Consumable items that we need to run the season and...
  2. randy1123

    Best Dakar I have seen yet

    I have seen the comments, but this is the best courses I have seen. Those years of road courses that you needed 4WD to win a stage are not present in the first six stages. Hats off to the directors that made the courses. Great APP Great coverage Wish I was there as a traveling spectator...
  3. randy1123

    R-Evvo Testing has begun

    Thanks to Kyle, we are going to attack the full season next year. Cannot wait Randy
  4. randy1123

    On Topic CORR Pomona

    Found a fully preserved race program in a box this last weekend. Good memories. That was my first race weekend, met a lot of great people that I still know today. Met Huseman at the post race CORR review committee. What a humble human being. RIP A great weekend I will never forget. Randy.
  5. randy1123

    Northbound Drive

  6. randy1123

    Transportation to Crandon

    Looking to fill that bucket list item: Race Crandon Located in San Diego, I am looking for a ride for a Pro Buggy, tool box and some tires. We have Pit space/support once we get everything there. Options: 1. Fit our stuff in someone's hauler 2. Tow our 24' aluminum box trailer. 3. Rent a...
  7. randy1123

    RC Fun in the off season

    My 12 year old son got into RC trucks this last year. We have always thrashed on Traxxis and Losi trucks, but now got into racing. The Losi was not cutting it, so we built two Techno trucks (got to have a spare...). These kits were amazing and the trucks are even more amazing. So.... like any...
  8. randy1123

    NBC News Taylor Bertrand

    Some of you have met my step daughter, I am very proud of her.
  9. randy1123

    Yogurt Run

    My lifelong dream is to spend the two weeks at the Dakar following a team and being part of the whole thing. When my son turns 16 I want to spend the two weeks down there and hopefully work together and take it all in together. I watched RG a few years ago finish the rally without numbers and...
  10. randy1123

    Race Worthy Welding Cart

    Had fun with this one: Needed a way to have both a portable Mig and my small TIG at the Lucas Races. Had some spare Cart tires, and here it is. Photos don't do it justice, but made the sheet metal bends at the bottom to tuck in nicer than just a flat finish. Also, the rod holders are drilled...
  11. randy1123

    Off Season Clean up and Give aways

    Cleaning up and have a few things that might help growing teams. Could sell it, but would rather see go to good home: TK Simpson small suit and boots. Very little use TK custom aluminum seat for small kid I will update on other things that I just want to clean up and see go to good use...
  12. randy1123

    MPE Racing - Cenni Rounds 9-10

  13. randy1123

    Thanks to Dave McDowell - Crandon is on

    Got the Crandon call late Sunday night, called Dave at McDowell performance, he picked up at 9PM. Got the transmission to him by 9am Monday, he had it rebuilt and tall gears done by 3PM that day. Car was loaded and back together by 8PM, and the train left the station to Crandon. It is currently...
  14. randy1123

    SST at Qualcomm

    Track layout? Who is running?
  15. randy1123

    MPE Racing and Adrian Cenni team up for SST race on 4/6/13

    Testing is complete with excelent results at Lake Elsinore for two long days. Thanks to the following sponsors: Loftin Equipment Bay City Electric Maxxis tires USA Wheels Looking forward to a good experience on 4/6/13. Thanks again to everyone involved and their help.
  16. randy1123

    Proud of Taylor Bertrand

    New 15 year old on the block that had never driven an h-pattern till Friday. She had only driven a large pre-runner with a sequential up till this time. Sorry I was not able to be there Saturday, but thanks to Sammy and LJ my step daughter was in good hands. Very proud of her and she got better...
  17. randy1123

    Limited Buggy for rent or sale?

    PM me if you have one for rent, I want to get my girl involved before buying one. let me know if anyone can help.
  18. randy1123

    RG News??

    Humbuggy again? Someone has more than just a video of 24 shocks on the ground? Sounds like 2WD again, but this forum has been dry of something new so I assume he is doing the same for 2011......
  19. randy1123

    Drag Race Tickets this Sunday

    yell at me all you want if this is in the wrong folder, but intended for the Short Course family out there: I have two GREAT tickets for the 50th Winter Nationals at Pomona. Aisle 4, Row 9, Seat 13 & 14 I have had these seats for seven years and cannot go this time. Remember this is...
  20. randy1123

    Pit Cart Project

    Some may remember me as the newbie tig welder. So I practiced and practiced and figured what better way to test my skills is to build something. After our tool boxes were falling apart at the last race, I wanted to modify the existing chests, or buy a real Pit Cart. The new cost of the Pit...