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  1. Race8100

    Davis In car Baja 2012

    Ok, seems silly: but what is the number in the bottom left of the GPS showing? Seems to hover around 13.7 throughout the whole video.
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    LOORRS Video

    Heres the coverage from Sun w/ the commercials removed.
  3. Race8100

    New in-car camera system

    Found this: Front and rear facing cams. Rear cam has night-vision. Records audio. Records G force data and has it's own GPS to record location, direction and speed. All that data is displayed when you play it back. Pretty low rez on the...
  4. Race8100

    selling my truck

    So, now that I have sold my 8100 truck, I feel compelled to share some of the interesting calls and emails that I fielded over the time spent trying to sell the thing. I guess this is more of a rant… First off, IMO I advertised the truck as an 8100 truck, BITD legal. To me, if you are going...
  5. Race8100

    Shackle bushings

    Anyone by chance know an Energy part # for poly bushings for 80's-90's F-150 2x rear leaf spring shackle? I guess the Ranger uses the same ones. these are the ones that are pressed (or vulcanized) in. If not Energy, then a good alternative? Delrin? Thanks.
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    Blue Angel Video Lucky guy. Must be nice.
  7. Race8100

    Anyone see this? BITD rule change

    Class 1800 Rule Revision Revised as of 4/27/09, page 108 in the CT Rule Book Class 1800 - OPEN SPORTSMAN Competition regulations Note: No Driver of Record, who has raced in any Professional Class with Best In The Desert as a Car or Truck Driver of Record will be allowed to be a Driver of...
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    TT250 BITD Race Map

    A little less mileage then last year...
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    right seat available for TT250

    Thought I'd might try and see if anyone is interested in doing a lap in the right seat in the AM race with me for $200. If you're racing the afternoon race, it'll give you a chance to pre-run. Running my sportsman bronco. It's a pretty plush ride...
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    saw a few of these before. The bank robbery has to be staged... Dailymotion - Chance, a video from titounetsan. Chance, Compilation music is a bit much....
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    Housing crisis

    Sometimes it takes a bit of historical perspective to bring it all into focus.
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    BITD Henderson 400

    FWIW, I have confirmation from BITD that the upcoming race will have only 1 Pit (main). No remote pits. Each lap will be approx 48 miles. It will NOT cross over the pass to the Jean side. All those miles will be on the Eldorado side. Going to be a crazy course... HTH.
  13. Race8100

    Trans case

    Anyone know where to get a nice plastic storage case to put a c6 in? I've seen some of the Ford teams that have these nice hard plastic molded cases that store the transmission's. Akro-Mils makes some nice ones, just none big enough. Thanks.
  14. Race8100

    SNORE race delayed

    Due to a lack of road crossing workers, the race has been delayed. We're in pit A, and no vehicles yet. SNORE radio saying maybe 8PM start. Not sure.
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    Battle at Kruger

    Searched through. Looks like this wasn't posted yet. Pretty amazing.
  16. Race8100

    Window Nets

    Anyone know where you can get 'off the shelf' window nets? Used to be able to get nets that fit F150's & Rangers directly from Beard & Mastercraft. Now it seems they only sell custom ones where you have to send them a template of both doors and then they make them. Did I just get lucky on the...
  17. Race8100

    Cheap Diesel Vegas

    Just got word from a buddy that the Smiths fuel island on Charleston & Nellis is selling diesel for $2.25 gal. Been that way for 2 days. He just filled up. Sign out front and the pump showing that price. Going to get some drums now and filling everything up before they fix it!
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    BITD LV300 In-Car

    10 min highlight video of the first 1 1/2 laps. higher quality from stage6: low quality from YouBoob:
  19. Race8100

    Anyone going to make an offer for this? $520 seems like a steal... Shocks and lights worth more than that.
  20. Race8100

    TT250 in-car

    first 10 minutes from 8131. enjoy.