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  1. timmymo

    give blood

    Today is a good day to give blood . For all who can donate please do. I was blessed with universal O neg neg. That means it can be used for premature babies as well as first response . Heck I can spare a little.I didnt know how important donating was until a bunch of off roaders went to the...
  2. timmymo

    Do YOU really think its the bike that wins?

    Does the bike win or the rider????
  3. timmymo


    IS facebook promoting offroad racing or a pez who thinks we should pay a little more?? I encourage all to check the last few days headlines and make your own decision. I can no longer promote facebook or suckerburgs ideals. better have a big torch cause im fireproof flame...
  4. timmymo

    Snore Sucks.what no Ridgecrest race?????????

    Rumor has it Snore pulled out of Ridgecrest . Too far for members to travel.. They had an event not just a race ! gave up to soon.... locals from bako and all over ready to help... good luck in the primmage..... no spectators,, no fun .. open dez is 1000 times better than having to bow to the...
  5. timmymo


    oh ya just obeying orders my name is timmy moore.not to good at following instructions or laws.