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  1. manicmechanic

    Fun with Classifieds!

    I stand corrected!. I was thinking WJ. Thanks
  2. manicmechanic

    Fun with Classifieds!

    Thats not a Y2K chero kee 98 or older.
  3. manicmechanic

    Small heat gun for heat shrink on wiring harness?

    A small butane torch is precise for solder and heat shrink, Practice first.
  4. manicmechanic

    Bill Weber

    I dont know how many here knew him, just wanted to let you know that big heart let him down yesterday. He is very much missed. PM me for arrangements
  5. manicmechanic

    Weatherman Channel constantly being hijacked

    I Thought all VHF radios were not legal in Mexico.
  6. manicmechanic

    2017 Baja 1K 50th Raceday

    I gave up on the live feed. Same over and over and then buffer.
  7. manicmechanic

    Baja 1000 Tracking

    Thanks, hopefully I can setup 3 puters on 3 streams and move the fridge closer to my chair.
  8. manicmechanic

    Ford 9 spitting oil out vent

    With floaters I fill em, jack up one side for awhile and than the other, let it sit for awhile and stop topping of just below the fill.
  9. manicmechanic

    Old School Pic, Who do you reognize?

    I see Waldo.
  10. manicmechanic

    Rubber pull through valve stem or Bolt in ??

    Shortest metal one that a standard metal cap will fit on.
  11. manicmechanic

    Bob "The Weatherman" Steinberger passed away this morning

    Delivered the news, from the worst to the best to those in limbo, hanging onto every word. We will continue your fight with R Cranium, we will never surrender.
  12. manicmechanic

    Is it valves or barrels ;(

    Are you doing compression checks with the engine running on the other cylinders?.
  13. manicmechanic

    Co-Driver's hands?

    Just use the bar to pull the seat up and the belts tight, and then do the rag doll dance.
  14. manicmechanic

    Mostly home made transmission jack

    Wondering why did you pull the trans?. Seems you can"t do anything on the stand you can"t do with it bolted to the engine.
  15. manicmechanic

    Mostly home made transmission jack

    Cool looks like something I would have done. A vehicle hoist is worth whatever it takes though. Groveling on the floor is for the birds.
  16. manicmechanic

    JD2 Model 54

    Looks like a great bender, what is the other red thang on the hoist, Buick?. Nice shop!.
  17. manicmechanic

    Engine Won't Start

    No codes or no codes present? My 2000 JGC will list the codes when the key is switched on 3 times and say no codes present if there are none.
  18. manicmechanic

    GM Suspension Video 1938

    Cool old vid, thanks, I remember using those old lever shocks on circle burners.
  19. manicmechanic

    Jeep Won't Idle!!!!!

    Sound like air getting in thats not going past the throttle blades. Hoses, intake gasket, throttle body base gasket, are primary checks. Best of luck.
  20. manicmechanic

    OBD1 ford 5.0 fuel injection electrical issues I need an expert

    Just a thought may have already been eliminated. Alternators have a large electro magnetic field, that can raise hell with engine controllers when its screwed up. Try disconnecting it and running on battery only.