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  1. manicmechanic

    Bill Weber

    I dont know how many here knew him, just wanted to let you know that big heart let him down yesterday. He is very much missed. PM me for arrangements
  2. manicmechanic

    Racebuddy all stars

    The free coverage is cool.
  3. manicmechanic

    lost my 10 bucks

    Help me purps, story goes I loan 10 bucks, borower gets a burger and fries and disapears before paying me back on friday. I understand, desperate poeple and tough times, I am out 10 bucks. The money didn't evaporate it is still out there. My K-plus looses 50K and I don't understand. Maybe bad...
  4. manicmechanic

    Another darwin award

    2 men burned in Wash. state methanol explosion SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. (AP) -- Two men who were apparently trying to take an unusual thrill ride were seriously injured in an explosion at a shop that builds and services race cars in Washington state. Fire Chief Dean Klinger told the Skagit...
  5. manicmechanic

    This outfit knows how to sell
  6. manicmechanic

    Chryslers list of the dead and dieing

    I found at least one dealer on the closing list that went under 2 years ago!. And a few others I am pretty shure are gone. Maybe the list was less painfull to make than I first thought.
  7. manicmechanic


    I hang around here alot, love desert racing.